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Young And The Restless Spoilers: Melody Thomas Scott On Nikki’s Drinking, “I Hope It Never Ends”

Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers indicate that Nikki Newman is having a hard go lately, not only battling her alcohol addiction but dealing with the horrifying ordeal of having Jordan Howard (Colleen Zenk) as a stalker.

Still, the character’s portrayer, Melody Thomas Scott is celebrating a milestone. This February 20th marks 45 years since the actress first stepped foot on the Y&R set. She recently chatted with to reflect on her time with the daytime drama, and talked about her current storyline, which she hopes, “never ends”.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – This Time Around Is Different

Y&R spoilers suggest that Nikki has evolved considerably over the years. Scott describes her character as being a real “jerk” in the beginning.

However, that changed a lot after she met the love of her life, Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). Melody tells that Nikki went from fans wanting to hit her over the head with a handbag to “rooting” for her and credits the character’s romance with the Moustache for this.

Melody notes that she appreciates viewers being sympathetic toward her, especially when it comes to her current storyline.

She adds that Nikki’s current struggles with alcohol are different this time around because it’s not exactly her fault that she’s hit the bottle again.

After all, her issues with sobriety are all thanks to Jordan and Claire Grace (Hayley Erin) force-feeding Ms. Newman vodka, via an IV.

Y&R Spoilers – It’s All “So Much Fun”

While watching Nikki fall off the wagon is hard for many fans, Scott states that she “loves” they brought back her drinking problem because it’s so much fun to play, and it’s always been a favorite storyline among viewers.

In fact, she adds that while she knows some audience members might get mad when she says this, she hopes the drinking storyline “never ends”.

It may be difficult to see Nikki enduring all this, but it’s hard to argue that this arc is an excellent watch.

Scott concludes her interview by stating that she’s so fortunate to have a job where she gets to do what she loves every day and get paid for it!

Most fans would agree, they too enjoy watching Nikki’s ups and downs over the years.

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