Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton Is a Pain to Play for Kelly Reilly for One Reason

She needs to get some healthy habits.


  • Yellowstone is a Paramount Plus ’ neo-western series created by Taylor Sheridan.
  • Kelly Reilly plays Beth Dutton, the only daughter of land baron John Dutton.
  • The actress admits that she loves playing her character, but has one big ick about her: the constant smoking.

Love her or hate her, Yellowstone’s Beth Dutton has become one of the most iconic characters on modern television. A nuanced antagonist, she somehow has as many fans as haters. Being called both the best and worst woman on television is just another way of saying how talented the actress who portrays her, Kelly Reilly, is.

Even though the show is coming to an end and everyone is eagerly waiting for the second part of the fifth season to be released, Reilly may already have a place in the show’s sequel, 2024. At least that is what all the fans are really hoping for, because it is hard to imagine Yellowstone without her.

However, if the studio and the actress finally come to an agreement and she returns to our screens as Beth Dutton, Kelly Reilly may have to add another unexpected condition to her contract. Get Beth to quit smoking.

Beth Dutton Addiction Issues

Of course, the actor can hope to find many points of connection with their characters to make the performance on screen believable. But this is not always possible.

Especially when it comes to antagonistic characters, whose moral qualities are often gray and hard to relate to for most people.

Speaking to Entertainment Today, the actress admitted she doesn’t enjoy everything about her character. One detail in particular, even though has already become the staple for Beth Dutton, drives Kelly Reilly crazy:

“I don’t smoke, so all those cigarettes are the herbal cigarettes. I hate them so much and he [Taylor Sheridan] has it in the script when she’s smoking and when she takes a drag, it’s all written. <...> I’m trying to pitch him an idea that she gets addicted to Nicorette gum,” the actress shared.

Of course, Beth and Kelly are very different, and their differences don’t end with smoking. But since the actress has to sacrifice her own physical health in order to portray the habit, this is a very pressing issue. Perhaps a solution will be found in the second part of the fifth season of Yellowstone.

Or maybe Beth Dutton will continue to entertain viewers with her bad habits in the series’ sequel, 2024. Make sure to keep an eye out for more casting news and production updates of Yellowstone and its sequel.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

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