Yellowstone Doesn’t Need Kevin Costner For the Next John Dutton-Centered Hit

Someone needs to get Taylor Sheridan on the phone.


  • Although production on Yellowstone is moving at a snail’s pace, the series finale is still just around the corner.
  • Despite Kevin Costner’s exit, the show will move on to another spinoff, this time revolving around Matthew McConaughey’s lead character.
  • However, there is a way to bring back John Dutton even without Costner’s involvement.

Even after the whole conflict between Kevin Costner and the production of Yellowstone has come to an end, the show doesn’t leave anyone’s mind. While it’s hard to say goodbye to a story so beloved by so many, it’s necessary to accept the fact that the upcoming second part of the 5th season will be the last we see of it.

With a slew of spin-offs and another one already in the works, it shouldn’t be too hard for viewers to find something else to occupy their time. However, there aren’t many other characters in an entire franchise that could have taken John Dutton’s place.

But what if we told you that nobody has to? John Dutton could return to our screens for a few more years, no recasting needed, if only Taylor Sheridan would give another prequel idea a chance.

Will There Be Another Yellowstone Prequel?

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Approached by Screen Rant, Josh Lucas was very receptive to the idea of working with Taylor Sheridan on yet another project. Playing John Dutton in flashbacks and basing his performance strongly on Kevin Costner’s current portrayal of him, Lucas would not pass up a chance to become the lead this time.

“It was like my weekend job. And it was a crazy almost duality or bipolar reality because obviously John Dutton is a dark, powerful mysterious figure, and I’m basing it all on what Kevin has done, but I also think it’s a world that I would absolutely love to explore further,” the actor said.

Considering how passionate Taylor Sheridan is about his prequels and spin-offs of the original Yellowstone series, this one may be no exception. It’s always fun to explore the Dutton family tree, and young John Dutton is the perfect character to dive even deeper into.

Besides, if you look at how popular CBS’ young Sheldon managed to become after The Big Bang Theory was officially over, young John Dutton has pretty much the same chances to succeed and grow the new Western household name in Josh Lucas.

Whether you were interested in seeing the prequel like this, or you’d rather just move on from the Dutton patriarch to the new lead played by Matthew McConaughey, be sure to keep an eye out so you don’t miss any Yellostore-related news and behind-the-scenes updates.

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