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Why Do Garrison Brown’s Siblings Believe He Is In Valhalla?

After Sister Wives star, Garrison Brown passed away, there have been several beautiful tributes. Undeniably, his untimely death has left the Brown family with an unfillable void. But during two of the sweet statements honoring Garrison, his siblings refer to him being in Valhalla. Understandably, fans are wondering about the connection between their faith and Garrison rising to Valhalla.

Friends And Family Are Deeply Missing Garrison Brown

Although the Brown family is large, it is full of beautiful, important individuals. Currently, the family is finding its way through the terrible loss of one of its extraordinary members, Garrison Brown. While each family can have its ups and downs, it is heart-wrenching to see such a young soul pass away, especially unexpectedly. Additionally, as a public plural family in Sister Wives, the Browns are in the limelight even during their darkest hours.

Garrison Brown From Sister Wives, TLC, Sourced From @madison_rose11 Instagram
Garrison Brown From Sister Wives, TLC – Instagram

However, several of the family and friends have honored Garrison’s life by offering statements of tribute. Among them, both Mykelti and Maddie Brown left special tributes for their brother showing how wonderfully he played the roles of “brother” and “uncle.” However, they each reference Valhalla in their messages causing fans to question the connection with the Browns’ faith.


Wishes Of Valhalla For Garrison Brown

Undeniably, Garrison Brown’s family and friends’ messages show love and grace for the wonderful man he was. Valhalla is said to be the great hall in Norse mythology where the souls of heroes slain in battle are received. During Garrison’s tributes, the siblings seem to be trying to find words to wish their brother well in the afterlife. Additionally, they want to show they believe he deserves a place of honor, glory, and happiness like heaven or Valhalla to spend eternity. Seemingly, they want him to rest in peace and embrace the love they have for him.

Fans Question The Connection Of Valhalla In The Tributes

On Reddit, one Sister Wives viewer brings up Garrison Brown’s death. They say, “valhalla??” Then add, “Does anyone know why madison and mykelti said that garrison was in valhalla? just curious as i don’t follow a faith where this exists!” Following, many people clarified the connection.

  • “It’s where military people say they go after death or FRV – Final Rendezvous Point.”
  • “It’s Vikings. Valhalla is where fallen warriors go.”
  • “Valhalla is used among military people as the place where warriors meet after death. It has nothing to do with personal spirituality.”
  • One person defines the specifics but understands the need for grace during the passing of Garrison Brown. Saying, “Most civilians don’t understand the nuance. But even some service member will still say ‘See you again in Valhalla’ or refer to the deceased as ‘a fallen brother’ despite the situation. Valhalla is technically reserved for those who die in battle per mythology, so the reference is technically incorrect because he didn’t die in battle, but most people don’t care because grief and honor and all that.”


Did you understand the reference to Valhalla? During this time of pain, the Browns are navigating their way through such a significant loss. Each of the family members is directly affected by the passing of Garrison Brown and only time can soothe a tear in the Sister Wives family.

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