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When Will ‘General Hospital’ Share Where Jason’s Been Hiding?

When will General Hospital finally share where Jason Morgan has been hiding since the tunnel collapse? He has supposedly been dead all of this time and then reappeared like nothing happened. Of course, Dante was shocked to see him standing in front of him before he was shot. So, when will his backstory be revealed? Read on for more details.

When Will General Hospital Share Where Jason’s Been Hiding?

In 2021, Steve Burton was fired from his role on General Hospital. He and Ingo Rademacher were not complying with the vaccine mandate so they were let go. With that, Burton’s character of Jason Morgan allegedly perished in a tunnel collapse. Then, at the end of the show’s 60th anniversary special, it was revealed that Steve would be coming back. He had been on Days of Our Lives but his time had come to an end. Faithful GH fans hoped this meant he might be returning but were not sure how possible that would be. It was a huge surprise with a lot of excitement to see him donning his infamous leather jacket again.

Steve Burton-YouTube
Steve Burton-YouTube

Now that he is back, he has shared that his character will have a full backstory. They will thoroughly explain where he has been since the collapse and everything in between. So, when will that actually happen as fans are dying to know? According to Soaps, it will happen sooner rather than later. The big reveal is scheduled for Thursday, March 14th. Again, this was not really the way that Jason’s story was supposed to play out.

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Had General Hospital not replaced their head writers, things would have gone very differently for Jason and his story. However, because of the changes, the arc was shifted and this backstory has come to life. There are also a lot of questions such as if Jason would try to kill Sonny Corinthos. Carly (Laura Wright) does not believe he would for one second so hopefully, she can help clear his name. Or, she can figure out what the situation is that he is involved in.

Fans Are Loving It

As General Hospital fans await the answer to Jason Morgan’s whereabouts, they are loving having Steve Burton back. So much so that they are expressing their excitement and every emotion they are having while they watch:





GH viewers are very observant as well as passionate. Now, when Jason’s story comes to light, how will they react? It will be exciting to see. What do you think happened? Will it be dramatic or lackluster? Let us know and watch General Hospital March 14th for all of the answers.

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