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Tom Selleck Seems Serious About Saving Blue Bloods From Cancellation

February 20, 2024 10:20 am

The patriarch of the show and the crew alike doesn’t want to give up on Blue Bloods.


  • After a 14-year-long run, Blue Bloods is supposed to end with Season 14.
  • Tom Selleck, the show’s lead star, claims he’s “not done” with Blue Bloods yet.
  • Blue Bloods fans largely support the actor and want the series to keep going.

The news of Blue Bloods cancellation after Season 14 was unexpected and devastating for many fans who even launched a petition to save the series. But fans aren’t the only ones frustrated with such development: Tom Selleck, the lead star of the series and its executive producer, also doesn’t want to let it go so easily.

Apart from saying the show still had many ideas (quite a controversial claim), the iconic actor recently revealed he wasn’t “done” with Blue Bloods yet despite its cancellation.

Tom Selleck Wants To Save Blue Bloods

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Whether Tom Selleck signed the fan petition aimed at the wrong network, we might never learn, but one thing is for sure: the actor doesn’t intend on letting his new best series die off so easily. Selleck might be just feeling nostalgic or, as was recently suggested, can’t afford losing this income stream now — but either way, he’s vocal about his desire to keep Blue Bloods going beyond Season 14.

“I love the role. And [Frank Reagan is] not done. I’m not done. And I think there’s plenty of room for the show. <...> Look, I’ll do whatever is best for the whole situation. But I love this show, obviously. And I think CBS is going to end up being very conflicted with their present plans,” Tom Selleck told USA Today recently.

And many Blue Bloods fans seem to agree with their favorite Commish.

Blue Bloods Fans Support Tom Selleck

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While some fans have long been saying the series had to end soon, many others were not willing to give it up then — and they’re definitely not willing to do it now. Tom Selleck’s disagreement with CBS’s decision saw many people support him.

“I don’t care how repetitive the show is. I don’t care how formulaic it is. I enjoy it. It’s comfort food for me. I would watch another 10 seasons if they could do it. It was kind of sad watching the newest episode last night. It’s like having to say a long goodbye to an old friend,” Reddit user Low_Copy4023 pointed out.

Others largely agree: after all these years, Tom Selleck deserves to end his series when he sees fit as long as its ratings remain decent. The star actor is still a big name in Hollywood, so his presence alone is enough to keep it going for longer.

Apparently, Selleck doesn’t want to retire, despite earlier rumors. Now, it’s up to CBS: will the network listen to Blue Bloods fans and its lead star?

Source: USA Today

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