Young and Restless

The Young and the Restless Teaser Photos: A Family Dinner Turns Into A Nightmare

There’s a whole host of drama coming Genoa City’s way and we have the pics to prove it! The Young and the Restless photo spoilers for Wednesday, March 20, 2024, bring an episode all about Claire and her new family.

Dreams Vs. Reality

Poor Claire (Hayley Erin) is in for quite a day. She’s treated to a big dinner with her entire new family and has the time of her life getting to know them all. There’s speeches, hugs, and a whole lot of love. Well, until Jordan (Colleen Zenk) shows up and ruins the whole event. Claire’s day of family turns into a day of horror when Jordan shows up as a server and torments her once again.

How terrible! How horrible! How…unreal. Is this real or just a dream? A premonition, perhaps. Whatever it is, Claire is shaken up and needs her mother’s loving arms, which Victoria (Amelia Heinle) is more than happy to provide. There, there. Mommy’s here. Everything is better now. (Or is it?)

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