Young and Restless

The Young and the Restless’ Beth Maitland Posts Inspiring Selfie

Beloved Young and the Restless veteran Beth Maitland is embracing the signs of a life well lived and encouraging others to do the same.

Beth Maitland’s Positive Post

The Traci Abbott actress took to X (formerly Twitter) with an unfiltered, natural-faced selfie and mused, “Some rainy days I look in the mirror and see all the wrinkles and sun spots and blemishes and lines. And then I remember how I got them. All the sunny days and laughter and tears. The growing through change and pain and loss. The joy of triumph and surprise. Hey. Let it rain.”


The post was subsequently inundated with comments. Audrey Manasterski was among the many who seconded Maitland’s musings. She wrote, “And let it pour darling Beth, aging is what life is all about. The years we’ve lived, enjoyed & the people we’ve lost. It all takes its toll. I’m right there with you.”

Meanwhile, Monica penned, “you are beautiful! And that is all very true! I am very proud of all my scars and wrinkles- it means I lived!”

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