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The Bette Midler Film That Gave Days of our Lives’ Abigail Klein Some Clarity

Days of our Lives star Abigail Klein (well, more so her alter-ego) has found herself in a most unenviable — and, let’s face it, not exactly relatable position, namely discovering that she and her childhood bestie *ahem* shared the same man who’s now claiming amnesia. But, thanks to co-star Elia Cantu (Jada Hunter), Klein has found the emotional underpinning amidst the melodrama.

Abigail Klein Gets A Lesson From Elia Cantu

During an interview it Soap Opera Digest, Klein grants that “an outrageous turn” like the one playing out on screen, “feels almost far away from you sometimes, when you read it [in a script]. But if you can concentrate on the relationship [particularly the friendship between Stephanie and Jada], everything else just falls into place. Elia helped bring that into the forefront, because I was getting lost in the circumstance of it all. Elia was like, ‘No, no, no. We can make this about their relationship. Then it doesn’t even matter what we’re saying.’”

Cantu also suggested a handy reference point for Klein to glob on to. Recalls the actress, “[Elia] had asked me if I’d ever seen the movie Beaches and recommended that I watch it, so I did.” Immediately the similarities were made clear. “What happens when two friends go through a conflict, but yet they really care about each other? How does that work? How are their feelings hurt and how do they come back together? … That movie helped us sort of see it in essence. It helped as an example of what it could look like off the page.”

Sums up Klein: “[Clarity is] what Elia gave me. She does it all the time! She’s just so great.”


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