Blue Bloods

The Astonishing Ubiquity of ‘Forthwith’ in Blue Bloods: A Quirk That Keeps You Guessing!

“Blue Bloods” showrunner Kevin Wade denies the existence of a running in-joke with the term “forthwith” in the police procedural series. Fans noticed the frequent usage of the word and speculated that it was a hidden joke. However, Wade revealed that it actually stemmed from actual police lingo. Although he has started cutting down on its usage due to fan response, he explained that there are instances where the term is necessary for the narrative. It remains to be seen if the real NYPD will alter the term to avoid similar backlash.

Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are working on a new sci-fi show, 3 Body Problem, based on Cixin Liu’s book series. The story involves an alien invasion, with a bigger budget than Game of Thrones season 8, promising stunning visuals to match the epic story. Netflix is taking a gamble with the show’s budget, as its success will determine future seasons. Despite the risks, early signs suggest 3 Body Problem could be a hit, given Benioff and Weiss’ proven track record with complex stories like Game of Thrones. With huge stakes, a large cast, and a unique alien species, 3 Body Problem has the potential to be a must-watch series, even with uncertainty surrounding its success on Netflix.

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