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Sister Wives: Will TLC Renew The Show For Another Season?

Castmates from Sister Wives have been away from the TV screens since November 2023. TLC Fans witnessed Kody’s sinking marriage with Janelle and Meri after Christine walked out. The family dynamics changed completely by the end of Season 18. All three wives ended their polygamous marriage to embrace singlehood. Kody’s third wife, Christine, has also found a new love interest and tied the knot.

Fans have witnessed Christine and David’s fairytale wedding in a two-part special episode segment as well. Meanwhile, the polygamist was left with his only remaining wife, Robyn Brown, to lead a monogamous marriage. The lives of the TLC star have changed a lot since the previous season. Recently, the fans have started exploring the possibilities of Season 19 after the family fallout.

Sister Wives: Signs That TLC Will Renew The Show For Another Season!

Season 18 of the Sister Wives series ended recently after Janelle and Meri left Kody Brown. Fans have seen a whole lot of drama and conflict between the cast members before the family fallout. Eventually, Meri and Janelle left the polygamist to let him be with his favorite wife. Fans were quite happy to see the drama unfold as they have been waiting for the moment for years.

Now they are speculating if TLC would renew the show for Season 19 or not. Well, the network has not made any announcement of the upcoming season, while the cast members have also been silent about the show’s future. Season 18 became undeniably the most favorite season among followers.

Sister Wives

Interestingly, the latest Sister Wives season also achieved the highest ratings among all ten previous seasons. Despite being one of the oldest series, the ratings have not dropped and have kept increasing. Hence, there are plenty of reasons for TLC to continue the show. Viewers already know that the network doesn’t cancel the shows unless or until they have major reasons.

A lot of fans have been demanding the network to bring Christine, Janelle, and Meri’s storylines to the spotlight. They have grown tired of watching Kody and Robyn’s toxicity on the screens. Now, the audience is waiting to see if the network will return with another season or if it will be the end of the popular reality show.

Sister Wives: Christine Hints At Possible Filming Of Season 19!

Sister Wives fans have started speculating about the show’s revival since the show ended. But the network has been keeping the details under wraps. Meanwhile, the stars have been avoiding leaving anything of the possible filming of the show. Well, Christine turned heads recently after teasing fans about the show’s future.

She was opening up about her husband, David’s experience with the reality TV world with People. The TLC star stated the transition was easy for her husband, and she didn’t give him much training. Later, Christine expressed her excitement for the audience to know more about her husband because of his genuineness.

She assured her fans that they would get to see more of David in the next season. Hence, the TLC star has confirmed that the show would return to the screen once more.

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