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Sister Wives Star Christine Brown Sparks Controversy For Promoting “Unfounded Medical Claims”

Christine Brown from Sister Wives has angered many fans by promoting a controversial product with supposed medical benefits. The 52-year-old mom of six won viewers over by breaking up with her abusive polygamous ex-husband, Kody Brown. She later got even more support for moving on and tying the knot with her current partner, David Woolley. Unfortunately, Christine’s on-screen success story hasn’t really translated well on her social media. Many people still don’t trust her whenever she promotes controversial weight-loss supplements and products, because they know she’s the brand ambassador of many of these brands.

Recently, Christine triggered her followers by sharing a promotional post alongside unproven medical claims. She shared a photo of herself and talked about “menopause” and how it feels like a “battle against relentless discomfort.”

The Sister Wives star wrote, “if you’re also seeking relief from menopause’s grip, let’s explore solutions together.”

Christine told her fans to type “info” in her comments to get the solution in private DMs. While the Sister Wives cast member didn’t mention any product outright, critics accused her of sharing false info and purposely leaving the brand out.

Someone even wrote, “you won’t say plexus because you’ll get in trouble for making medical claims.”

Christine Brown’s Controversies Explained
Christine Brown from Sister Wives wearing satin dress with curled hair

The menopause post isn’t the first time Sister Wives viewers criticized Christine on social media. Over the last two years, the Utah resident has been in trouble because of her association with the controversial brand, Plexus. She has made dozens of promotional posts and even lost weight, showing that the product works. However, critics still think she lies about it for financial benefits. Even on New Year’s Eve, Christine took time out to share a video of herself drinking the weight-loss supplement.

She used the moment to promote the product and cleverly disabled the comment section.

It’s hard to tell if Christine is being honest in the post. However, the fact that she’s asking fans to type “info” in the comments and exchanging private DMs with them suggests she’s hiding something. If Christine really had a good medical solution to menopause, she could’ve shared the details of her solution for free. However, she purposely omitted any hashtags and other mentions of the brand to lure more people into buying her supplement. Critics are right to call her out for making absurd medical claims, and Instagram should probably take action against her.

Christine is slowly ruining her public image by sharing such controversial posts. Even if the product works for her, she’s not a registered doctor to make any medical claims and misuse social media in such a fashion. Christine must leave the shady tactics behind if she wants people to take her seriously. She would have to post more relatable content with her followers, like her daily life and adventures with David. Christine still has many fans who support her. However, it won’t be long before they turn on her and label her worse than her Sister Wives co-star, Kody.

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