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Sister Wives Spoilers Why Do Fans Feel That Janelle Brown’s Life Was Ruined By Kody Brown’s Rule?

Sister Wives spoilers reveal that some fans think that Janelle Brown’s entire life was ruined by Kody Brown and the way that he ruled over his four wives. Janelle gave up on her marriage to Kody when she decided just how unhappy she really was.

It didn’t take her long after seeing Christine Brown leave, that she decided to call it quits. Kody has always been head of the household and while Janelle tried to give him affection, he always chose Robyn Brown. She could only take so much rejection, so she just left.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Tried To Give Him Affection, Kody Always Chose Robyn Brown.

None of these separations have been easy on the wives or Kody, but some fans feel as if he was trying to ruin Janelle’s life all along. Kody and Janelle do have three children together and during the pandemic, things really started to change.

He told their sons that they were not allowed in their home because he was worried that they would spread sickness. This caused Janelle to rethink her entire marriage.

Now there are fans who feel that Janelle could have been taken advantage of and now she is in financial trouble. Let’s find out more about what they are saying.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Does Janelle Brown Have Financial Woes?

Janelle used to make a lot more money before she married Kody and this is one of the main reasons that fans felt as if he had drained her wallet. It turns out that Janelle may have more debts than her fans first though.

In fact, Janelle actually took out a mortgage so that she could have the money for her portion of Coyote Pass when Kody had planned to develop it for his wives.

There was never any movement on this project though. What happened to that money?

It turns out that Janelle ended up moving onto the property in an RV because her house was sold. She was nervous about taking this step, but was happy that everything worked out.

Even though that worked out, now it looks as if she is barely getting by and some feel as if Janelle only stayed with Kody for the money.

Sister Wives Spoilers  – Christine Brown Weighs In

When Christine Brown was asked about Janelle and Kody’s marriage, she opened up about finances.

She said, “I believe that’s the biggest reason why Janelle is staying with Kody is because she has nothing in her name… and the Coyote Pass property, Kody’s name is on every piece of property.”

Will Janelle ever get back on her feet now that she has left Kody? We will have to wait and see.

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