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‘Sister Wives’ Special Meaning Behind Leon’s Words To Garrison

Former Sister Wives star Leon Brown had a very special meaning behind the words they wrote for their late brother, Garrison Brown. He passed away nearly two weeks ago and slowly but surely, his siblings paid tribute to their very special brother. Leon, who has kept a relatively low profile, came out of the woodwork to let their new angel know what he meant to them. Read on to discover the backstory.

Sister Wives Special Meaning Behind Leon’s Words To Garrison

Leon Brown has been living their best private life in Colorado with their partner, Audrey Kriss. They have their dogs and is an up-and-coming writing career. Though it is unclear what their status is with their mother, Meri Brown, Leon is still very connected to about twelve siblings. The last two big events they attended were Gwendlyn Brown’s wedding in July 2023. That was followed by Christine Brown’s nuptials to David Woolley in October 2023. However, Meri was not invited yet it was still a magical day.

Family Photo during Christine Brown and David Woolley's wedding. - Sister Wives
Family Photo during Christine Brown and David Woolley’s wedding. – Sister Wives

After their brother, Garrison Brown apparently took his own life, his parents opened up about their pain. The only sister wife who has remained silent is Robyn Brown. Eventually, the siblings paid tribute with Leon saying this: “to the stars, bowen, to the stars.” This was confusing for some so a Reddit thread was started to address where the quote originated from. It was from the film Dragonheart which came out in 1996. When someone is gone, the biggest question is where should you look. Simply to the stars.


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After learning that this was where Leon Brown got their tribute from, immediately followers were crying all over again:

  • Well sh**. I haven’t even seen the freaking movie, but I’m sobbing over my taco salad 😭😭😭
  • I didn’t know the reference. Having just read a summary of the story, it’s quite an appropriate epithet for Garrison (Robert).
  • Well that context made me cry
  • What a tribute from Leon. Heartbreakingly poignant, sad and beautiful.
  • He took photos of the stars. I really liked this, when they look up to the stars they will think of him.

Always Look To The Stars

Leon Brown’s sister, Maddie Brown Brush shared a tribute to Garrison Brown fitting the Dragonheart quote. It was of Garrison holding two of her children, Axel and Evie. More so, he was using a telescope and showing them the night sky. They seemed so enamored by their uncle and his love of the stars and constellations so this was perfect of Leon. The Sister Wives star has been laid to rest and is being honored in so many ways for his amazing contributions in his short life.

Did you know that was where Leon’s quote came from? Moreover, have you seen the film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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