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Sister Wives: Mykelti Unsure About Season 19? Is The Show Getting Canceled?

Mykelti Brown is one such star kid from Sister Wives who has a wide fanbase on social media. She loves interacting with the audience and gives them all the titbits and inside scoop about the former plural family. Moreover, her own family, with husband Tony Padron and three kids, is a joy to watch.

Recently, Mykelti became the talk of the town because she did a Question and Answer session where viewers asked her all the burning queries. Well, they were quite alarmed at what she had to reveal about the show’s upcoming season. Did Mykelti hint that her family won’t return to the screens? Has TLC canceled the show?

Sister Wives: Mykelti Has “No Guarantee” About The Show’s Upcoming Season!

It has been a while since TLC wrapped up Sister Wives Season 18. Out of all the past editions, it was the most happening one of all. It also benefitted the network by bringing back the ratings. So, everyone has been positive about another season gracing the TV screens in the coming future. However, one cast member felt otherwise, and that is Mykelti Brown.

Recently, Mykelti had a lot to say about the upcoming Season 19. She was unsure about when it will come back. While the star admitted to filming the birth of twins while filming for the show, she has no idea when the show will air that segment. Moreover, the cast member hinted that David would also debut on the show as that’s when he met Christine for the first time.

Sister Wives

Then, Mykelti suspected once again that her mom and David’s married life would perhaps be a part of Sister Wives Season 20. But at that point, the young mother was only “assuming” as she had “no guarantee” about how things would turn out. This confused the Sister Wives fanbase, as they have eagerly been waiting for more seasons. But Mykelti seemed very unsure when giving her statements.

Sister Wives: David & Kody To Butt Heads During Family Reunions In Season 19?

While everyone was in a fix after Mykelti’s Instagram post about Sister Wives Season 19, things were different when it came to Christine. The main cast member has also addressed what one can expect in the upcoming episodes many times. She had assured everyone that despite the plural family fallout, the Browns would be under one roof many times because of family events in the upcoming season.

Christine clearly mentioned on her social media that David and Kody will be in two big Brown family gatherings. While she didn’t reveal too much, everyone has been quite excited to see this showdown. There is definitely tension among them, as evident in the Tell All episodes. But will they lock horns once again on national TV? Well, only time will tell.

Sister Wives

Would you want to see David and Kody face to face? What else are you expecting from Season 19? Tell us in the comments.

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