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Sister Wives: Meri Rescued from Embarrassing Headlines?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown couldn’t have done it better if she had a team of PR people working for her, but instead, she had a secret weapon during the hiatus between seasons from the TLC series.

No, instead she has Jenn Sullivan, as her best friend, and someone who seems to always have her back, both on and off her reality show. Just recently things were on the cusp of going sideways for her, that is until Jenn jumped in and set things straight.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Had No Idea?

Meri Brown parting ways with Amos Andrews is old news. While she addressed this breakup with her fans, she also had to take into consideration what her fans knew about Amos by the time she announced the split.

The mess started as soon as Meri revealed her new boyfriend to the Sister Wives fans. This prompted critics to dig deep, which allegedly led them to some less-than-stellar findings about the guy. Some of the things said could fall under rumors. But others, such as four divorces, would come with documentation. So, it’s hard to put several divorces under the category of rumors.

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So, as a new girlfriend, she had gushed about this guy. She even alluded to him as her new love interest, without using the word “love.” That worked out as a good thing for her because her best pal, Jenn Sullivan, picked up on that. Jenn also used it to rescue her best friend, in a big way.

Many Sister Wives fans surmised that Meri Brown found herself blindsided by the reports about Amos. If she knew about his alleged past beforehand, she likely wouldn’t have put him on her live Fridays with Friends. But she did, and she even planted one huge kiss on the guy as the camera rolled. The fans were privy to her behaviors, so to them, she looked quite serious in this relationship.

Meri Slammed on the Brakes

Once Meri Brown’s boyfriend’s alleged past deeds made the headlines, this didn’t put him in a good light with the Sister Wives followers. Then Meri became suspiciously quiet online, even skipping her Friday show. So, fans surmised she was keeping to herself because of the awful stuff swirling around online about her new beau.

When she did return, she took things slowly. After going public with her new boyfriend, the next time she did her Friday show, she told fans that he got scared away.

She said nothing else regarding the man she gushed over when she introduced him to Sister Wives fans. So, fans took this as a hint that they parted ways. Next, she posted a lot of cryptic messages about personal growth, which all pointed to Meri Brown being single again. So, it was as if she was trying to prepare her fans for her announcement.

Sister Wives: Jenn Sullivan Steps In

Meri Brown finally posted a message revealing that she called it quits with Amos. So, in the aftermath, fans assumed she jumped the gun and didn’t vet this guy before making her relationship public. Sister Wives fans thought she acted as if she were madly in love with him during that one Friday with Friends venue she had him on.

But when Meri came clean about parting ways with the guy, some Sister Wives fans took it upon themselves to offer reprimands. They started to shake that proverbial finger at her. Some even tried to shame the original Sister Wives matriarch for being fooled a second time while trying to find love. She was catfished years back and now this, so some fans suggested she is just too gullible.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown - Jenn Sullivan | Instagram
Sister Wives | Instagram

Fans ask questions during Meri Brown’s Fridays with Friends show, with Jenn Sullivan as her co-host. Then one fan asked Meri why her new love didn’t show up on the show again. Jenn jumped on that. She slammed that question, but she did so nicely.

True Friend in Jenn…

Jenn was adamant when stating no one said anything about love. She played this down for Meri. So, by the time Jenn was done, you were left with the impression that Meri was only “dating”  Amos and nothing more. So, Jenn left fans with the impression that Amos was nothing more than casual dating for Meri Brown.

That seemed to do the trick, as Meri no longer seemed to get reprimanded on social media for her choice of men. Plus, headlines dried up about her choice of a now ex-boyfriend. Instead, fans seem to follow Jenn’s lead and side with Meri. Some even felt sorry for her that it didn’t work out.

But most now give her thumbs up for recognizing the problem and then moving on. So, Meri Brown has a guardian angel as a best friend, and fans hope to see more of Jenn Sullivan on the TLC series.

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