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Sister Wives: Meri Pushed Boyfriend Off Gravy Train, Not Mutual Split?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown allegedly dumped the boyfriend she introduced to her TLC fans only weeks ago after more embarrassing news surfaced. While she made the split sound nice and mutual, a different story surfaces today.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Made It Sound Mutual

Meri Brown only wants a solid love relationship, much like her ex-co-wife Christine Brown found. And apparently, she thought she had found one with Amos Andrews.

So Meri may have sugarcoated her reveal about parting ways with her boyfriend. The Sister Wives celebrity made it sound mutual, with both having different goals for the future.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown
Sister Wives | TLC

Now an insider alleges something different brought her to the point of severing ties. It seems that Meri’s goal is to work hard toward success in all her ventures, including the Sister Wives series. This new report alleges Amos’ goal was to ride on her coattails.

But this unnamed insider isn’t the only one who suggested Amos had dollar signs in his eyes. No, one of his ex-wives accused him of seeing a payday in Meri Brown.

Meri Took the High Road

If this new report rings true, then it looks like Meri Brown took the high road. She didn’t bash Amos as a gold-digger. Instead, she gave some reasons for the split without assigning blame.

When Meri first introduced Amos to her Sister Wives followers, she was gushing over the guy. After hearing the latest report, fans assume Meri didn’t know about her boyfriend’s past, at that time.

When bringing Amos on her Fridays with Friends online show, she dropped several hints that she sees a future with this guy. Her co-host and best friend, Jenn Sullivan, was equally enthused for Meri.

Then Meri and Jenn became quiet online for a few weeks. But when they returned, questions from fans regarding Amos popped up.

One Sister Wives fan referred to him as her love interest, and Jenn jumped on that. Jenn said that while Meri introduced a man she was dating, the word love never entered into it. So, they seemed to downplay Meri Brown acting head over heels about Amos.

Sister Wives: As Well That Ends Well

Fate is a funny thing. That said, it looks like Meri Brown wasn’t fully aware of her boyfriend’s backstory at the time she revealed him to her Sister Wives fans. But if she continued to keep him hidden from the public, she might have found out too late.

So, while the headlines about Amos were just awful, maybe what they reported helped her make some discoveries. The latest allegation to surface is that Amos doesn’t even have a steady job. This along with having financial troubles is the reason now reported for Meri Brown dumping her new beau.

Sister Wives | TLC

These latest reports say she broke it off due to his financial shortcomings. So, if the accusations are accurate, then it’s likely that she wouldn’t have put on such an elaborate show with Amos if she had known this.

Meri even planted a kiss on her boyfriend, which pushed him over backward on Fridays with Friends. This was not the usual Meri Brown we saw on Sister Wives, she took control. So now the latest reports about this TLC celebrity suggest she took control once more by refusing to be a gravy train for anybody.

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