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Sister Wives: Meri Brown Hints It’s Over?

Sister Wives star Meri Brown came in on a blaze of glory when introducing her new love interest to the fans of the TLC series. But then all that excitement went dark. But now she hints she’s ready to try again, so it sounds like it’s over.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Fireworks Fizzled

Clues popped up over the last few weeks that Meri Brown may be single once again. But now it looks like she paves the way to announcing it to her Sister Wives followers.

Sister Wives | Instagram

It also appears that Meri Brown is slowly letting the fans know that Amos Andrews is no longer around for a reason. Right after she announced him as her new beau, she reported that something scared him off.

But the details of just what that means never followed. Maybe he’s still part of Meri’s life behind the Sister Wives scenes but scared off of appearing in public. But it doesn’t look that way today. He seemed to fall off the face of the Earth.

Meri and Her Magic Cryptic Messages

Meri Brown’s cryptic messages in the past have offered fans lots of assumptions that eventually rang true. While she never mentions a name or even an incident, she gives just enough info to surmise where she’s going with the message.

Well, it looks like she’s at it again. Sister Wives fans wonder about Meri’s relationship today after she seemed so happy to announce it a few weeks back. It’s been three weeks without a mention of Amos, except for her saying that he got scared away.

Meri recently posted the message below. Sister Wives fans decipher this as Meri tried something that didn’t work. But, she’s not detoured and won’t give up.

Right before Meri Brown introduced Amos, she told the Sister Wives fans what she wanted for the new year. On that list or her New Year manifest, she asked for a handsome guy to take her to dinner on her birthday.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown Message
Sister Wives | Instagram

Then she made a big deal out of her wish coming true. Amos filled that wish for that birthday dinner. But he doesn’t seem to be in the picture anymore. So, some fans suggest Meri is about to go back and try it again, as the message suggests.

Sister Wives: Amos Andrews Takes Back Seat

Amos could still be part of Meri’s life today, as she’s not addressed her relationship officially. But three weeks with only the mention of him being scared away seems to say something to the Sister Wives fans.

All that gushing she did about him when she had him on her online show seemed to come to an abrupt halt. Amos was raked over the coals by the Sister Wives critics. They dug around to pull out any less-than-stellar thing about Meri’s new guy they could find.

So, these negative headlines included counting up his ex-wives. They also contained allegations of child support problems. Then one ex-wife gave an interview. She allegedly said some awful things about him.

So, this might have changed his mind about becoming a public figure alongside Meri. Or maybe Meri Brown found out some things she didn’t know, suggest Sister Wives fans.


So, maybe it was Meri Brown who called it quits. Or Amos could have found it all too much and bailed. But, they could still be a couple and decided to just lie low.

As the fans kick Kody Brown around today, maybe Amos doesn’t want to become that guy above. He could have realized that his life would no longer enjoy the privacy and he’d be a sitting duck for posts like the one above.

Maybe they thought Amos keeping a low profile would stave off all the online commotion over the TLC reality star and her new love interest. But when you look at Meri Brown’s cryptic messages, well, you have to wonder.

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