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Sister Wives: Inside Late Garrison Brown’s Cat’s New Home! Who Adopted It?

Garrison Brown was very fond of felines. He had a soft spot for the furbabies and rescued so many cats. Fans have always seen him playing with his two cats, Catthew and Patches O’Houlihan. The Sister Wives star also adopted his third cat Ms Buttons a few days before his unexpected demise. Garrison was a proud ‘Cat Dad’ and worked for many animal shelters to help them in giving a new home. Hence, the fans were naturally concerned for the TLC star’s pets after his passing.

Fortunately, Janelle confirmed previously that her other children adopted their late brother’s cats. However, the family didn’t disclose which of his siblings adopted Garrison’s pets. Fans have been curious about the well-being of reality TV celebrities’ fur babies. They went to know how the cats had been after their owner’s passing. Recently, one of Garrison’s siblings confirmed that they adopted Cathew.

Sister Wives: Garrison’s Brown’s Sibling Revealed How Catthew Is Adjusting In New Home!

Sister Wives star Garrison Brown was popular for having a soft spot for cats. He was always concerned for the cats and wanted to make sure that they got the best home. A few animal shelters also honored the TLC star’s passing in various ways due to his unconditional love and determination.

Garrison’s fans were hoping for the best for his cats after his unexpected demise. Recently, Logan’s wife Michelle revealed that they adopted Cathew after the reality TV star’s passing. She took to Instagram to post a lovely picture of her late brother-in-law’s cat Cathew. She posted a mirror selfie from her bathroom while the grey kitty was staring at her.

Michelle wrote, “Catthew requires a 10 scratch toll payment before I begin the morning.” The star sported a lavender crop top and grey pajamas while stroking the head of Catthew. A Sister Wives fan started a Reddit thread to share the wonderful details of Garrison’s cat. The OP wrote,” A new home for Garrison’s cat.” The user went ahead to gush over Logan and his wife for being an amazing human being.

Fans were glad to see that Cathew was blending well in his lovely home after his owner’s death. One fan wrote, “This makes me so happy – Catthew will continue to be so loved! Meanwhile, the others were happy to find that Garrison’s cat went to a good home. Further, the other gushed over the lovely name of the cat.

Sister Wives: Logan Shares Heartbreaking Tribute For Late Brother Garrison!

Logan and Garrison had an unbreakable bond. Fans always gushed over the bond of the two brothers. The Sister Wives stars shared lovely moments together as siblings and made good memories. However, losing a brother is the worst thing anyone could experience. Logan has been heartbroken like his other siblings. Recently, he shared a heart-wrenching post for his late brother weeks after his passing.

Sister Wives

He took to Facebook to share loving memories of his wedding day with his brother. Logan expressed how much he missed Garrison. He went on to explain how the world has become darker and less funny for him. However, the TLC celeb was trying to find comfort in knowing that his brother had found peace.

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