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Sister Wives: Garrison Brown’s Best & Most Heartbreaking Sister Wives Scenes Explained

After the tragic, untimely death of Sister Wives star Garrison Brown, fans of the show have been seeking out heartwarming scenes of Garrison with his family throughout the years. When the series first premiered in 2010, Kody Brown was married to his first three wives: Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, and Christine Brown. The show also included their 12 children. During season 1, Kody married Robyn Brown, who had three children from a previous marriage. Kody and Robyn would go on to have two children of their own, swelling their ranks to four wives and 18 children.

It had been 16 years between Kody marrying his third and fourth wives, so when Robyn joined the family, she completely upended the long-time status quo. Complicating family life even further, the Browns moved from their shared home in Utah to separate homes in Las Vegas, then Arizona. With the family already physically divided, the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic shattered what little remained of their family unity. In light of Garrison’s shocking and tragic death, here are some of his most heartwarming scenes from throughout his Sister Wives journey.

Garrison Wants To Join The National Guard

He Served His Country

In 2016, TLC posted a clip from an episode of Sister Wives season 11 to YouTube, in which an 18-year-old Garrison tells Kody and Janelle about his plans to join the National Guard. Kody and his third wife, Janelle, aren’t enthusiastic about the idea of Garrison being deployed to go fight a war. During a confessional, Kody tells producers that college was never Garrison’s goal, as he had always wanted to enlist in the military. Since his parents wanted him to get a degree, Garrison compromised and enlisted in the National Guard so he could attend college while serving.

” I try not to talk about, you know, possible deployments or stuff like that around her because she does have a problem with us being away .”

Garrison Gets A Heartwarming Welcome Home

A Hero’s Welcome

In 2018, TLC posted a clip from a Sister Wives episode in which Garrison comes home from serving in the National Guard. He’s so excited to be home that he actually sprints from the car to the house. He hugs Kody and then falls into his weeping mother’s arms. In the clip, Garrison, in talking about his mother, tells producers, “I try not to talk about, you know, possible deployments or stuff like that around her, because she does have a problem with us being away.” The comment appears in a different light in the context of Garrison’s tragic death.

” I cannot stop crying . So sorry for Janelle and praying for the family. He was such a beautiful soul .”

The clip ends with Garrison being hugged by his many brothers and sisters, who will never forget him. Fans of the show will also never forget Garrison. Though this clip was posted over four years ago, fans took to the comment section to send their condolences to the Brown family. “I cannot stop crying,” wrote one fan, reiterating a common sentiment. “So sorry for Janelle and praying for the family. He was such a beautiful soul.”

Garrison Discusses His Separation From Kody

A House Divided

In 2023, E! News posted a YouTube clip from Sister Wives season 18, in which Garrison complains about his strained relationship with Kody. “Since I last talked to Dad, I bought a house, have gotten into school, and I got the car that I wanted, that he told me I should never get,” Garrison tells several of his siblings and Kody’s former third wife, Christine. Christine asks him if Kody knows any of that. “No,” Garrison replies. “He doesn’t care to.” It’s sad to think that Garrison died thinking his father didn’t care to know about his life.

Garrison And Gabriel Fighting

Simpler Times

In 2015, TLC posted a YouTube clip of a mundane Brown family trip home from a movie theater. In the clip, a teenage Garrison and his younger brother, Gabriel Brown, get into a fight over who gets to sit in the front seat of the minivan on the ride home from the theater. It’s nice to look back at a time when Garrison and his siblings were being normal kids. As they grew up, their lives got more complicated, as the family fell apart and long-time resentments boiled over. This clip is a nostalgic reminder of simpler times.

Garrison Just Being A Kid

Boys Will Be Boys

In 2013, TLC posted a Sister Wives clip in which Janelle talks about how hard it is not having Kody as often as back when they all lived under one roof. In the video, teens Garrison and Gabriel are fighting over the possession of a gaming tablet. After Kody married Robyn, had even more kids, and moved into multiple homes, there was less and less of Kody to go around. Some of Kody’s older children resent Kody for not giving them enough attention. Sadly, Kody and his ex-wife Janelle had to lay Garrison to rest, and they will never be the same.

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