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‘Sister Wives’ Fan Bring Janelle Brown’s Family Into Their Home

When Garrison Brown passed away earlier in the month, Sister Wives fans came together to rally around Janelle Brown. For years, she’s been quite popular with viewers and they really wanted to show love and compassion to the TLC star.

Now, one Sister Wives fan has come up with a sweet and unique way to honor Janelle and two of her children, Garrison and Gabriel. Other fans went wild over the idea and agreed it was an exemplary way to uplift the family.

Keep reading to get the scoop.

Janelle Brown & Sons Are Honored By A Sister Wives Fan

In the wake of Garrison Brown’s death, many Flagstaff animal shelters honored the TLC star in different ways. One shelter received so many donations they were able to sponsor adoption fees for the month of March.

Now, another Sister Wives fan who works in an animal shelter is proudly honoring Gabriel, Garrison, and Janelle Brown.

Garrison Brown, Gabriel Brown, Savanah Brown, and some friends from Janelle Brown's Instagram
Janelle Brown/Instagram

“Meet Janelle, Garrison, and Gabriel!” the original Redditor shared online, along with a photo of three adorable kitties. “Front row: Gabriel(tortie) Garrison(tabby) Back row: Janelle. I work at a cat rescue, and a mommy cat with her two kittens came in this morning. I knew I wanted to name the boy kitten Garrison because he’s been on my mind so much lately, so it just made sense to name the other two Janelle and Gabriel (sorry, this Gabriel is a girl).”

Shelter cats from teamdna04 on Reddit

Other Redditors thought this was a very sweet and kind way to honor Janelle’s family, especially since Garrison had such a strong love for shelter cats. Some even asked about the OP’s location and expressed interest in adopting the cats.

Other Reddit users wrote:

  • “They’re so precious 💞”
  • “I’m losing my mind over the tortie! They’re all so cute”
  • “I so love this! And I bet they enjoy meals together like a family.”
  • “Awwww! Beautiful kitties. 😍”

The Brown Family Says Goodbye To Garrison

After Garrison passed away, many of the family members gave public statements. Fans were impressed with Meri Brown’s response when she expressed sadness but said she would not provide commentary out of respect for Janelle.

Janelle’s oldest son Logan Brown is fiercely private, but even he and his wife Michelle Petty spoke up after Garrison died.

“The world is darker and less funny now, and I miss you terribly. But I am comforted in the memories, jokes and love you left behind.” Logan shared on social media. In all likelihood, Garrison’s surviving family would love to know a fan named shelter cats in honor of the family.

What do you think of the fan’s decision to name shelter cats in honor of Janelle and her boys? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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