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Sister Wives’ Christine Brown admits to battling ‘sleepless nights’ as pals fear for marriage to David Woolley

SISTER Wives’ Christine Brown has admitted to battling sleepless nights amid rumored marital issues with her husband David Woolley.

Christine, 51, opened up on Instagram about her struggles with menopause.

Christine Brown admitted to her struggles with menopause on Instagram
Christine shared a drawing explaining what to know about menopause
Christine posed with her husband David Woolley for a photo

At a certain point in 12 months time after a woman’s last period, female individuals in their forties and fifties deal with changes in their monthly cycles, such as hot flashes and anxiety, according to the Mayo Clinic.

In the snapshot, the Sister Wives star showed off her long blond hair as it curled and flowed over her shoulders.

The TLC star donned a yellow top as she stared at the camera.

She then shared a drawing listing what individuals “need to know about menopause.”

“Navigating menopause felt like a battle against relentless discomfort, hot flashes during the day,” Christine captioned the post.

“Sleepless nights drenched in sweat, and mood swings that left me feeling unrecognizable.”

“I was desperate for a solution that could restore my sense could restore my sense of normalcy and well-being,” she closed.

Christine’s post about menopause came as viewers suspected marital issues between her and her partner.


In early January, Christine and David’s wedding aired in a Sister Wives special.

Sister Wives’ Christine Brown flaunts curves in red dress – but fans blast star for ‘awful’ decision

In early October 2023, the couple tied the knot at the Red Cliffs Lodge Hotel in Moab, Utah.

Although there were roughly 330 guests at the nuptials, multiple Brown family members did not attend the wedding.

Viewers noted Christine’s ex-husband, Kody Brown, 54. and his last remaining wife, Robyn, 45, were not invited.

Although Kody’s ex, Janelle, 54, attended, his ex Meri, 52, was also not invited to the event.

Christine and Kody share several children: Mykelti, Aspyn, 28; Paedon, 25; Ysabel, 20; and Truely, 13.

The former couple also shares Gwendlyn, 22, who was not present at her mother’s second wedding.


Around the same time, family members and friends of Christine shared their concerns with The U.S. Sun.

“A lot of people in Christine’s inner circle are concerned about her quick marriage to David,” an insider told The U.S. Sun.

“They just aren’t going around voicing it to everyone because they don’t want to take away from Christine’s happiness and having her moment ruined.”

“But, they feel like she rushed into this marriage,” the source continued.

“She’s totally different with him. She’s showing off her tattoos,”

“she’s doing things she’s never done before and she’s showing her wild side that people have never seen before,” the insider concluded.

“It doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, it’s just friends are concerned that she might be forgetting her roots and how she was raised.”

“Most of her inner circle is having a hard time believing that it’s true love and she fell in love so fast,” another source shared.

“The reason why the girls are not into him is because they refuse to get attached.”

“They have some doubts and believe it’s not going to last,” the source closed.

Christine and David got married in October 2023
Kody Brown pictured with his sister wives during happier times

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