Bold and Beautiful

Sheila’s Wildest Fake-Out Ever On The Bold and the Beautiful

Sheila is dead…or at least that’s what she wants everyone to think on The Bold and the Beautiful. History speaks for itself, though, and we don’t think we’ve seen the end of the madwoman. In fact, we think this was all an elaborate setup designed to ruin Steffy’s life, Finn’s marriage, and put Sheila on top!

Nine Toes, Or Ten?

Deacon (Sean Kanan) went to the morgue to mourn his girlfriend and confirm to himself that she’s really gone. He made one mistake, though, he peeked at her face instead of her feet. Sure, the woman lying on that cold slab looked like Sheila, but did her toes?

Sheila isn’t the only one walking around with Sheila’s face. She’s had several people change their entire appearance to take on her persona…namely Sugar! That’s a name we haven’t heard in a long time but one Sheila will never forget. She’s the perfect player for Sheila to use to spice up this storyline!

Here’s what we think happened — Sheila absolutely wanted Steffy to stab her. She broke into the house, pretended to go on the attack, and let Steffy plunge that knife right into her. Then, she fell to the ground and faked dead. Those paramedics? Yeah, at least one or two of them are on her payroll! Their job was to pronounce her dead and whisk her away.

After patching her up real quick, the second part of her plan got underway. They got their hands on Sugar, took her life, and shipped her over to the morgue. It’s the perfect decoy…as long as no one looks too close, and no one glances at her toes.

All this in the hopes of sending Steffy away for murder! What happens when she realizes it didn’t work? Steffy may not even face charges considering it was self-defense. So, what now? What’s her next move? How will she explain it all to Finn? He forgave her (kind of, maybe) for faking her death the last time. We can’t see him being very forgiving this time.

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