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Save Blue Bloods Petition Hits a Major Mark but Fans Have Already Given up

Blue Bloods fans don’t want the series saved anymore just as the petition reaches for the 10k signatures mark.


  • Blue Bloods cancellation was announced in November 2023, and fans launched a petition to save the series.
  • Currently, the #SaveBlueBloods petition is closing in on the 10k signatures mark after having trouble gaining traction at first.
  • However, many fans argue the show has already run its course and shouldn’t be prolonged for more seasons beyond S14.

Ever since the Blue Bloods cancellation announcement in November 2023, fans of the series have been running a #SaveBlueBloods petition to hopefully prolong the show for at least one more season.

While it took quite a while for the petition to gain traction, it’s now reaching for the major 10k mark… But it’s arguably way too late.

#SaveBlueBloods Petition Eyeing a Major Mark

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Started on November 20, 2023, the anti-cancellation petition faced difficulties gaining traction. Even reaching 2500 signatures took a long time; but recently, it seems like more fans finally learned about the effort as those numbers started to add up fast.

As of the time of writing, the #SaveBlueBloods petitions has already collected over 9250 signatures and is moving fast toward the significant 10k mark with hundreds of people signing it every day. Some of them even record short videos asking CBS to reconsider and give our favorite police procedural a second chance before axing it.

But it might just be too late for that, and most fans seem to recognize it.

Blue Bloods Fans Say, “It’s Time to Let It Go”

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Despite the petition finally moving up somewhere, not everyone wishes to see Blue Bloods struggle through another couple of seasons. Many fans point out that already, it’s obvious the show looks tired as if it has exhausted all possible storylines.

“The show seems aimless, like how there is no longer a cohesive element. Remember how there used to be a common theme, introduced just prior to the intro, about the different cases upon which each Reagan was separately involved, but which were all tied together by that theme? That’s no longer present, or, if it is, they’ve done a really good job of camouflaging it,” Reddit user eremite00 wrote.

Others largely agree that Blue Bloods has run its course and the best thing the show’s writers and runners can do now is make a compelling conclusion to it, tying together the last 14 years of its airing.

Save Blue Bloods or End Blue Bloods?

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  1. Please don’t cancel Blue Bloods. It is one of m favorite shows on TV. I think it is the best show.

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