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Proof Robyn Brown’s A Hypochondriac When It’s Convenient

Recently, Sister Wives sleuths brought up clues that Robyn Brown is a hypochondriac. However, not just a full-blown hypochondriac, but a “pick and choose” one. Seemingly, Robyn’s fear only emerges when it is convenient for her.

Robyn Brown Had Many Fears During COVID-19

Undeniably, during the pandemic, Kody and Robyn Brown imposed some extremely strict rules for managing the virus within their family. So much so, that it caused a giant rift between Kody and two of his and Janelle Brown’s sons, Gabriel and Garrison. While Robyn bases many of her practices on the fear from previous experience, it has a ripple effect on the family. Undeniably, Robyn mentioned some of her reasons were her being prone to pneumonia and also scared from her experience with Solomon having RSV.

Robyn and Solomon Brown - Instagram
Robyn and Solomon Brown – Instagram

While these can be very serious conditions, some people believe Robyn is a hypochondriac when it suits her needs. However, anytime a child gets a severe virus or illness, it can be startling to a family. Robyn was reliving her situation believing Solomon had almost required hospitalization. So when the pandemic arose with all its uncertainty, it was understandable she quickly jumped to a worst-case scenario with her little ones’ health in mind.

Some People Think It Was A Strategy To Win More Time With Kody

However, many people believe that Robyn Brown took advantage of the unstable situation to gain ground with Kody Brown. During that time, it was justifiable for her to demand rules to protect her kids that were very advantageous to her and Kody’s relationship by isolating them from the rest of the family. Sadly, the extreme measures left the family fighting frequently and eventually was a big factor in the division of the plural family.

Gabriel and Garrison Brown - Sister Wives
Gabriel and Garrison Brown – Sister Wives

Additionally, now some people point to Robyn and Kody, blaming them for the recent suicide of Garrison Brown. While suicide generally has many heavy burdens associated with the action, the decision ultimately lies with the individual who chooses that path. Undoubtedly, after a tragic loss like their son, there are unanswered questions that can cause unrest.

Fans Point Out Robyn Brown Is A Hypochondriac

On Reddit, Sister Wives viewers were rewatching past episodes while waiting for the new season to be released. While looking at footage from “4 Dates.” Then the user says, “Watching the episode with the 4 different dates. If Kody says he never loved Christine, he needs to rewatch. And if Robyn was so concerned about Solomon and his RSV why take a sick baby to a public place.” Quickly other fans respond.

  • “She’s not concerned. She’s a hypochondriac when it’s convenient to block Kody or her part of the family from spending time with the OG3+13.”
  • Others believe they understand the root of Robyn Brown’s actions. One says, “Hypochondriac or just wants the attention??” Another person adds, “Bingo.” And someone else simply replies, “And control.”
  • “No doubt. But she’ll use anything to keep Kody and his skid marked skibbies close. 😏 she got what was coming to her though. From topwife to only wife. She wanted to be boss, she can be boss over her 20-something ‘tenders’ , or chicken nuggets, or whatever.”
  • “She’s a psychopath.”

What do you think? Are Robyn Brown’s motives purely led by experience and wanting to protect her children? Or do you believe her intentions were manipulative to gain more control over Kody Brown’s time, attention, and affection? Continue the conversation in the comments below.

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