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Olivia Cooke Knows Exactly Why House of the Dragon Fans Hate Alicent

Let’s be real, there’s no ‘good’ side to root for.


  • House of the Dragon is the Game of Thrones prequel that focuses on the complicated history of the Targaryen family.
  • Set several centuries before the events of GoT, the show follows a war that forever divides and weakens the family.
  • Alicent Hightower is one of the central, yet most hated characters in the show.

The actress behind the character, Olivia Cooke, knew exactly what role she was taking on, and wasn’t surprised by the viewers’ reaction.

Just as many people have chosen which house to root for while watching Game of Thrones, those who have embarked on a new journey with House of the Dragon have now chosen their sides.

Technically, both Team Black and Team Green are part of one Targaryen family, but in a war that is about to begin in season 2, all blood ties are likely to be forgotten.

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Both teams represent different people claiming the throne after the death of King Viserys. His daughter Rhaenyra was crowned his heir as a teenager and was supposed to take over the kingdom. Her half-brother Aegon, however, usurped the throne and was crowned in front of a small crowd.

The complicated story of inheritance, family ties, and betrayal caused the Targaryens to split and put a woman who was not even born a Targaryen, Alicent Hightower, at the top of Team Green’s hierarchy. However, this only made fans more reluctant to support her.

Why Does Everyone Hate Alicent Hightower?

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Before she became queen and fell from grace, Alicent Hightower was a childhood friend of Princess Rhaenyra. After falling victim to her father’s schemes and manipulations and marrying Rhaenyra’s father, she tried to be the queen the kingdom deserved, but grew bitter after years of watching her friend get away with everything.

Stepping into Alicent’s shoes, Olivia Cooke knew she would be the center of attention, but probably not the most popular. In an interview with TheWrap, the actress talked about how her character is perceived and how that reaction affects her own daily life:

“I’m learning to have a bit more of a rhino skin, so I don’t really take it personally. I know, [Alicent’s] not the heroine. I went into that knowing that she’s a very flawed person, and she’s full of all these just different complexities,” she said.

While the actress is certainly right in thinking that her character is not a heroine, her main opponent in this game, Rhaenyra, is not much better. Though many feel that her claim to the throne is more sufficient, she’s just as much influenced by the men in her life as she is by her own power and authority.

To see where House of the Dragon will take its two main characters next season, keep an eye out for more news and behind-the-scenes updates, and don’t miss the premiere date announcement!

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