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New Episodes of Blue Bloods Coming to CBS Sooner Than You Thought

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  • The new and final season of Blue Bloods was supposed to be released last year, but it was pushed forward to this year.
  • Luckily, Season 14 will be released very soon as we know the release schedule for the upcoming episodes.
  • Although nothing is known yet, the cast wouldn’t mind if the show got a sequel.

In late March of 2023, Blue Bloods fans received an extremely encouraging announcement: CBS had renewed the show for a 14th season, which, according to its usual schedule, would hit our screens that fall. Equally optimistic, if a bit alarming, was the news that the show’s cast had agreed to take a pay cut to make it happen. Still, the decision by the actors was admirable and gave hope to millions of the show’s fans.

Shortly thereafter, however, the WGA went on strike after failing to negotiate an agreement with the AMPTP. Tensions grew throughout the summer as actors, represented by SAG-AFTRA, joined the writers on the picket lines. As a result, many anticipated projects were put on hold, including Blue Bloods.

Unfortunately, CBS decided to delay Season 14 until 2024, and now we have entered the new year, and the show is still not on our screens. But don’t worry, folks, the premiere is coming next week!

Blue Bloods New Episodes Schedule

February is a feast for the broadcast networks as they return to premiere long-awaited series following the WGA and SAG-AGTRA strikes, and CBS in particular has a busy schedule.

However, the unpleasant consequences of the AMPTP’s unwillingness to recognize the new terms of the writers’ and actors’ contracts have taken a toll on the networks, which have had to significantly reduce the number of episodes of scripted shows. Speaking of highly anticipated CBS premieres, the network’s flagship comedy-drama Young Sheldon was given just 14 episodes. Blue Bloods also suffered, but in order to give one of its staples more a proper conclusion, CBS split Season 14 into two parts of 10 and 8 episodes, respectively.

The 18 episodes are certainly not the usual 20-22 episodes, the only exceptions being Seasons 10 and 11, which were shortened due to production being halted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But back to 2024. Get ready, fans of the Reagan family, because a new episode is coming very soon, on Friday, February 16 at 10pm ET! Subsequent episodes will also be released on the usual Friday night schedule, with the second one arriving on February 23, and the tenth episode, the mid-season finale, hitting our small screens on April 19.

As for the second half, we still have to wait for an official announcement, although CBS has confirmed that it will air in the fall of 2024. Taking into account the previous seasons, we can assume that it will happen either in September or October.

What to Expect from Blue Bloods Season 14

The upcoming episode is titled Loyalty and is directed and written by Blue Bloods veterans Alex Zakrzewski and Ian Biederman. According to its premise, the audience will once again be plunged into the continuation of a homicide investigation conducted by Danny and Baez and linked to the former’s longtime partner. At the same time, there will be a storyline involving Frank, who will apparently consider whether to support Mayor Chase at all.

Hopefully we’ll get a satisfying ending. The actors, however, continue to treat the show with great enthusiasm (and the fact that the cast agreed to take a pay cut speaks volumes). Tom Selleck, for example, recently said he would be willing to reprise the role of Frank Reagan if he liked the new script.

‘CBS will find an awful lot of people aren’t ready to say goodbye to it. The show’s more popular than ever, and I think [numbers] will increase with the interest this year. We’re certainly not out of ideas,’ he told TV Insider.

The Season 14 premiere will air on CBS and live on Paramount+ for SHOWTIME subscribers and one day after air for Paramount+ Essential subscribers.

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