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Mishael Morgan Talks Her Return To The Young and the Restless

Amanda Sinclair is back on The Young and the Restless, and Mishael Morgan couldn’t be more thrilled. The actress recently sat down with Soap Opera Digest to discuss her hastily constructed return and reconnecting with her fellow sudsers.

Mishael Morgan Rides Again

Turns out Amanda’s return wasn’t exactly in the cards. “It was a very last-minute call,” shares the actress. “Somebody wasn’t able to come in, and I was asked to fill in for them [to] help kind of push that story forward, so [the storyline] didn’t have to be at a standstill.”

Despite the stress that the rush job put on her, Morgan asserts this is why she loves being on recurring. “I can show up and I can do those things and when it works out for my schedule, especially when it’s last-minute, it’s almost better. [Then] I can come in and have some fun and play in Genoa City.”

Though directed to cool it on the overt snark she brought to scenes played opposite Bryton James’s Devon, Morgan still feels she was able to get her alter-ego’s lingering resentment across. “I think I got an opportunity to kind of have a little underbelly of vindictiveness, a little bit of scorn. That’s always fun, to have those nuances where she’s professional but there is history there and you get to use some of that and bring some of that into the scene.”

Though Amanda’s cross with Abby was anything but pleasant, Morgan was thrilled to reunite with co-star Melissa Ordway. “Melissa and I have a lot of fun together. Our dressing rooms are right across the hall from each other, so we’re always talking and chatting. It’s also fun, I think, to play mean and to bring that stuff out because you have no fear of how mean you can get because it’s all just play. You can always get deeper and really push the envelope and you feel really comfortable because you already have a human connection with that person and now, you’re just having fun.”

Be sure to click on the link above to read Mishael Morgan’s interview in full, then head to the comments and sound off on Amanda’s return to Y&R.

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