Young and Restless

Mark Grossman Reveals The Real Reason Why Adam Won’t Accept Claire

On The Young and the Restless, Adam has turned over a new leaf, and he seems to be getting along well with both Nick and Victor. Of course, Victoria hasn’t been so willing to accept her youngest brother’s change of heart. While they have a long history of animosity, Adam’s refusal to welcome Claire into the Newman family isn’t helping. Here’s why Mark Grossman says Adam hasn’t welcomed his newfound niece with open arms.

The Black Sheep

Victoria (Amelia Heinle) wants the Newmans to welcome Claire (Hayley Erin), and everybody has…except Adam. Recently, Grossman explained the situation to Soap Opera Digest. “Adam’s on guard with Claire, and Victoria is not happy about that,” the actor explained. “She’s welcoming Claire into the family, so that’s another reason Victoria has to throw jabs at Adam because he’s not welcoming Claire into the family with open arms.

Of course, Victoria thinks that the reason Adam won’t happily embrace Claire is because it’s a blow to his ego. After all, he’s an outsider in the Newman family, and it’s a problem for Claire to come in with a similar role. “There’s truth to that,” Grossman told the publication. “Adam, being the black sheep of the family, [he] kind of wears that as a badge of honor to a degree. And here comes this new person in the family that kind of has a checkered past. So [Adam’s] like, ‘Wait a minute, that’s my role. What are you doing? Get out of here. I want a lot of attention. Bye-bye.’”

Obviously, Claire is going out on a limb to help in Victor’s (Eric Braeden, who recently helped out for charity) plan, but it all remains to be seen how it will work out. As for how Adam will deal with Claire being around on a daily basis, we suspect he’ll take a while yet to warm up to his niece. Adam has changed, but he’s still himself…obviously.

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