LPBW’s Zach Roloff Is Hilariously Overwhelmed as He Gets Kids Ready in the Morning Without Wife Tori (Exclusive)

Zach Roloff is in full dad mode as Tori Roloff goes out of town for a girl’s trip.

In an exclusive clip shared with PEOPLE ahead of next week’s episode of Little People, Big World, the dad of three gets his three kids ready in the morning while his wife enjoys some time with her friends. Zach and Tori are parents to sons Jackson, 6, and Josiah, 21 months, as well as daughter Lilah, 4.

“Jackson and Lilah both woke up kind of moody. That particular morning, I wasn’t quite doing everything exactly how Mom does things,” Zach begins in a confessional. “Mom has a little bit more of a graceful Mom-ness. Cute little morning. Dad has a rigid, go go go. Time is an essence.”

The scene then switches to Zach running around his house, trying to get his kids ready for the day.

“Alright Jackson, are you ready to roll? Let’s go do your hair. Lilah, find your shoes,” Zach says as his daughter runs off.

“Hey dad? When I get older I want to be bald,” Jackson tells Zach as he helps his son get ready.

“Yeah? Why? Because you don’t want to do your hair?” Zach asks. “Yeah,” Jackson responds as his dad rakes a comb through his hair.

“I’m more efficient than Tori just because I’ll be able to let things go. Tori can’t let things go,” Zach adds in a confessional.


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“His hair is not done but we’re running late. Get in the car,” Zach continues as the dad of three gives his daughter her lunchbox. “You have undies and pants on and shoes? Get in the car.”

“Tori’s ‘Get in the car’ but in a certain way. You have to look a certain way. And we have to do things a certain way,” Zach says over a clip of his daughter running down the hallway, still in her pajamas. “Me? ‘Get in the car.'”

Zach can then be seen wrangling his three kids into the car, telling his son that he’d made him a whole sandwich instead of a half. “Yeah but I wanted a half,” Jackson tells his dad. “You don’t have to eat the whole thing,” Zach responds while his daughter can be heard saying, “Dad, help!”

“I’m more efficient but I also let a lot…my quality isn’t as good,” the dad of three admits in his confessional. “Tori’s quality is very high, no efficiency.”

An hour later, Zach is asked about the note he put in Jackson’s lunch. “Oh my gosh. I forgot the note,” he says, putting his head in his hands and laughing. “I forgot it! He’ll get a note tomorrow.”

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on TLC.

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