LPBW: Zach Shares How Jackson Took Care Of His After Surgery [Heartwarming]

Little People Big World stars have returned to the screens with another season. Fans of the TLC’s hit show, LPBW, are excited to witness Tori and Zach’s cute family on the screens. Jackson Roloff came into the limelight ever since he came into the world. LPBW fans have been following Jackson’s journey since he was born. Tori’s oldest child has gone through a lot at such a young age.

The little boy went under the knife to treat his bowed leg. Hence, the fans have a special connection with the little boy. Jackson knows the pain after going under the knife. Now, his dad has been going through the same after the shunt removal surgery. Recently, Zach and Tori revealed how the little boy took care of his sick dad in the latest teaser.

LPBW: Jackson Looked After His Sick Dad After Brain Surgery!

LPBW stars Tori and Zach have been showcasing their lovely family life after welcoming their third child in Season 25. However, their life would turn upside down after Zach’s emergency surgery for the shunt removal. The latest series will feature the aftermath of the TLC star’s surgery.

Recently, TLC shared a new teaser to reveal Zach and Tori’s oldest son, Jackson, standing up for his recovering dad. In it, the little boy made sure to take care of his dad with a list of rules for him. Fans of the Little People Big World series know very well that Jackson has experience with getting surgery. Hence, he could connect easily with his dad and understand his pain.

Zach shared how the little boy roamed around the house like a police officer for him. He made sure that his dad was sticking to the rules for a better and smoother recovery. The TLC star shared how Jackson would get angry at him for not following the rules. Tori also confessed to the cameras about her son being protective of his dad.

Tori went on to express that her little boy was really scared for his dad’s health despite his age. Meanwhile, Zach stated that he had been experiencing severe headaches. The TLC star was worried that things would get worse after the triggering headaches. However, he was happy to have the kids around them.

LPBW: Zach Roloff Shares His Worst Fear About His Health!

LPBW star Zach Roloff has been experiencing the post-surgery effects in Season 25. In the new episode, he shared how things were getting out of hand, and he had been overthinking about his health. The TLC star shared his fears about his health. Zach got emotional to express how his kids would live if something happened to him.

However, the reality TV celebrity doesn’t want to overthink anything and enjoys being around his family. He shared that his kids need him right now and would make sure to get well soon. Now fans Several fans shared their thoughts about Zach’s health and gushed over Jackson’s adorable gesture. One fan wrote, “Every family deserves a Jackson.”

Meanwhile, other fans noticed how tired Tori looked after her husband’s surgery. They noticed how much Jackson had been taking care of his dad. Further, the others shared their prayers for Zach’s recovery.

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