LPBW: Tori Receives Backlash For Bad Parenting Choice Involving Lilah!

Tori Roloff has a habit of raising concerns about her parenting choices. The Little People, Big World stars often face backlash from their audience for putting the kids at risk. The TLC audience has become quite a fan of Tori’s daughter Lilah. They know how much she loves dancing and showing off her moves. The LPBW star has become a fan-favorite for her outgoing and adorable attitude.

Fans love to see her exploring different things and being herself. Undeniably, she is the apple of the eye of her parents, Tori and Zach. The TLC stars have been featuring their sweet life with their three kids on the show lately. But Tori recently came under fire for humiliating her daughter with her poor decision.

LPBW: Tori Shares Feeling ‘Terrible’ For Not Letting Lilah Pee!

LPBW star Tori Roloff has been sharing a glimpse of life with three kids in Season 25. Fans of the series have been witnessing the new adventures of the family with every episode. The Little People, Big World star, recently shared an awkward moment with Lilah on the latest episode. Tori sat down with her husband, Zach Roloff, in a confessional during the new episode.

In the clip, she gushed over Lilah’s love for going to ballet classes. The network then shared a scene between Zach and Lilah. The former was giving some instructions to his baby sister before she headed off to the dance classes. Jackson said, “Lilah, I have two jobs for you to do at dance. First, don’t cry. Second, don’t pee.”


Tori laughed and admitted an embarrassing parenting decision for Lilah in the confessional. She explained how a girl came out to ask to go to the bathroom during the Ballett classes. The LPBW star went on to state that her daughter also followed the girl and that she had to use the bathroom, too. But Tori felt that Lilah was only trying to waste time by asking for the bathroom.

She quickly refused Lilah because she felt that she was playing games with her. But the mom of three felt terrible after she saw her little girl peeing in her pants after some time. She confessed how she felt like a bad mom for her wrong move. But now the reality TV celeb ensures that her daughter goes to the bathroom before the classes.

LPBW: Fans Angry Over Tori For Humiliating Lilah!

LPBW star Tori Roloff was quite sad after sharing her bad parenting decision with her fans. However, fans were angry at Tori for being so cruel to her daughter. Several viewers were slamming the celebrity for humiliating her daughter. One fan wrote, “Like a poor kid, how humiliating. I’m surprised she even admitted it.” The others continued to slam the TLC star for her unfair decision.

Meanwhile, the others targeted her for doing such a stupid thing with Lilah. However, the other moms came to the rescue of Tori and felt that they all had made such mistakes at one point. They found it relatable because parents are not perfect, and they learn from their mistakes too.

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