LPBW: Matt Won’t Marry Caryn Anymore? He Is ‘Petrified’

Matt and Caryn initially decided to be boyfriend and girlfriend. They weren’t looking forward to getting married and stayed in a relationship for years. But in 2023, the LPBW couple finally chose to take their bond to the next level and started to look forward to a happily ever after for themselves.

But now it appears that Matt has cold feet and is perhaps having second thoughts. He recently talked about how ‘petrified’ he is to walk down the aisle with Caryn! This made the viewers wonder about Matt’s prospects and if he was even planning to marry his fiance or not.

LPBW: Matt Says He Is ‘Petrified’ Of Marrying Caryn

LPW star Matt and Caryn had been in a relationship for almost six years before the former popped up the question. Apparently, the latter also said yes and showed off her engagement ring on social media. The couple even stated that they would walk down the aisle somewhere in 2024, and viewers have been manifesting their big day for a while now.

But as Matt’s big day is coming closer, it appears that he is getting doubtful about his decision. During a recent episode, he opened up about his doubts after one of his friends noted that he looked “scared.” The celeb then admitted that he was getting ‘petrified’ of walking down the aisle.


As per Matt, he doesn’t imagine his future with anyone else other than Caryn. But he is afraid and wonders if his bond with the latter will change after tying the knot. The LPBW celeb feels that the dynamics are going great these days. But they have a notion of, “Don’t fix what’s not broken.” So, he is having some conflicts in his mind because of it.

On the other hand, Matt and Caryn raised concern among the viewers when they were featured butting heads. They were clashing over the interior of the former’s mansion, and fans became skeptical about their togetherness.

LPBW: Is ‘Marriage’ Completely Off The Table For Matt And Caryn?

LPBW Season 25 featured Matt and Caryn making some big decisions in their lives. They have been discussing all their family dynamics, and things are changing. Amid all this, the patriarch talked about his future prospects. He explained how he had some concerns in his mind and wasn’t sure if marriage was the thing he wanted.


But Matt clarified to the camera that he and Caryn aren’t against the concept of marriage. He admitted that they both liked it and had exchanged vows prior to meeting each other. However, the celeb’s question is, “But do we need to do that exactly?.” Yet, the couple made it clear that the idea of walking down the aisle isn’t off the table completely.

Matt stated that they always end up pushing back on this topic and will discuss it later. Hence, it appears that though these two have some doubts, they are still willing to start their happily ever after. But even after all this, Matt and Caryn are sure about spending the rest of their lives together.

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