LPBW: Matt Confirms That Amy Will Get His Property After His Death — Caryn Reacts!

LPBW stars Matt and Amy haven’t really got along after their split. Their divorce was a chaotic one, and Little People Big World Season 25 is featuring them butting heads over several things. But even after all this, it appears that Matt doesn’t have any bad feelings for his ex-wife. Hence, he ended up declaring the prospects of his shocking will!

Matt announced that all of his property that is under his name would end up going to Amy after he dies. This was a jaw-dropping moment as viewers didn’t see this coming at all. Is Caryn fine with this massive revelation?

LPBW: Matt’s Property Would Return To Amy After His Death

Season 25 has documented many instances where Amy, Chri, Matt, and Caryn were under the same roof. They even organized a fundraiser and have been spending a lot of time together. Amid all this, Matt ended up dropping a bombshell not only on Amy but on the LPBW viewers as well.

Matt announced his future plans. He stated that whenever he dies, all the property that he has under his name at that time would directly go to Amy. The latter was in disbelief and didn’t even know how to reply. She added, “I…I don’t even know how to comment on that.” The matriarch admitted in her confessional segment that it seemed to be “crazy” to her!

Matt then stated that he really wanted to make this announcement. He believes that this is only the way things can go in a straight path after him. The LPBW celeb admitted that if they did otherwise, “it’s too complicated” for anyone to handle. Fans felt that Matt did have a reasonable point behind his decision.

Apparently, Matt and Amy share four kids together. Zach, Jeremy, Molly, and Jacob all of them have their own families and are busy with them. But they surely have some rights over their father’s property. So, Matt perhaps wants to do everything in a fair way.

LPBW: Caryn Suggested Matt Give All His Property To Amy!

After LPBW star Matt Roloff made this shocking announcement, viewers instantly wanted to know what Caryn’s take on this was. Most of them wondered if the latter was disappointed or against this decision. However, it appears that the tables have completely turned now. During the couple’s confessional session, Caryn revealed that this was her suggestion!


Caryn revealed, “Let’s talk about the fact that I’m the one who had the idea.” She explained that she suggested Matt give away everything to Amy after him. However, the celeb made it clear that their house in Arizona wasn’t going to the latter because it was theirs! Even when Matt was explaining his decision to Amy, Caryn seemed to be in full support.

She appeared to be happy with the dynamics and peacefully smiled the entire time. Caryn explained to the camera that Amy and Matt were a family during the first half of their lives. She believes that they were the ones who built the farm and worked hard for it. Hence, after knowing all this, she doesn’t have any intentions of taking this property away from the people who actually built it and burned the midnight oil for it.

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