LPBW: Isabel Roloff Talks NOT Wanting Another Child — Shares Reason!

Little People Big World star Isabel Roloff likes sharing her motherhood journey with fans. She keeps sharing her experiences through new social media posts. Isabel and her husband, Jacob, have been living their best time with their son, Mateo. They live on the Roloff farms and help Matt with all the work at the farms. Isabel has built a great bond with her fans on social media.

She likes sharing the positive things about having a baby and motherhood. Moreover, Isabel loves gushing over her son through different posts and stories. Well, her little boy has turned two, and fans have started wondering if the TLC star wants another child. Recently, Isabel revealed why having another child is not on her list for now.

LPBW: Isabel Roloff Reveals Her True Feelings About Not Having Another Child!

LPBW star Isabel Roloff might not be part of the reality TV world, but she has become quite popular on social media for spreading positivity through her posts. She also shares a glimpse of her life at the farm. The Little People Big World star’s world revolves around her son, Mateo. She keeps sharing new achievements of her son and gushes over him growing up too fast.

Recently, she started a Q&A session on Instagram about fans’ biggest assumptions about her. However, a fan was quick to ask if Isabel had no plans to have more children. The fan went ahead to ask her to reveal how she came to that decision. Well, Roloff shared a picture of her being pregnant with Mateo.

The LPBW celeb explained everything in the caption alongside the picture. Isabel revealed that she wants children in the future, and her ideal number would be four. However, she had a bunch of second thoughts because the experience of her first pregnancy wasn’t very good. Isabel noted that her pregnancy was really wonderful at first, with minimal sickness.

But things for the celebrity took a U-turn after they found that their baby had a heart defect during ultrasound. She continued to explain how her son became her world after bringing him home. Hence, Jacob’s wife has been nervous about bringing another baby to the family. She felt that the family dynamics would change and she wouldn’t be able to give both kids equal attention.

LPBW: Isabel Admits Being Scared For Having Another Baby!

LPBW star Isabel Roloff is popular for her honest and raw personality. In her latest post about having a second baby, she expressed all her feelings: “The truth is, I’m scared. Of our dynamic changing, of my heart growing and stretching to love another little being.” Isabel went on to express that she and her little boy have been doing everything together. Hence, she was worried about how things would turn out if she had another kid.

The reality TV celeb was quite worried that she wouldn’t be able to offer equal energy to the babies to more than one child. Further, she added, “Ultimately, I want more. But I am acknowledging that right now, I’m a little scared.” Isabel ended her post after asking about the experience of other moms of multiple kids.

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