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LPBW: Fans Fear Show’s Cancellation After Amy Roloff’s Latest Video!

Little People Big World star Amy Roloff has been quite busy with her teaching job and cooking show. Fans love to get a glimpse of her life with Chris Marek. They have been following their new journey on Season 25. Amy has a special bond with the LPBW audience. Hence, she likes sharing new updates of life with her social media fans while being away from the TV.

Tori and Zach’s official exit announcement has shocked reality TV fans. Now, Amy and Matt are their only ray of hope for some good content. He has a lot of content for the upcoming years including his wedding with Caryn. But Amy has been already living happily ever after with Chris. She also resumed her teaching journey along with the cooking show. Now, her latest video sparked concern for the show’s cancellation.

LPBW: Amy’s New Video Suggests The Show Is Getting Canceled!

LPBW star Amy Roloff likes to keep herself busy. She has been quite popular for sharing delicious recipes in her little kitchen. TLC has been sharing her life with Chris in Season 25 lately. The Little People, Big World frequently uses social media to bond with her followers and share her life highlights.

Amy often appears on live videos to build better connections with her followers. But she has been away from the audience for some time. Recently, she came up with another idea to interact with her followers and share the reason for her absence. Amy greeted her followers and noted that she had been away from Instagram for a while.

She continued, “I apologize for that. But when you go back to a different kind of job.” The TLC star stated that she has been with the reality TV show for a long, long time. However, Amy has now resumed her teaching profession with hope in her heart. She stated, “And I want to give that kind of hope to every one of the students that I encounter.”

Amy also expressed her happiness for having hope in her heart after returning to a class she has been in for a while. Roloff went ahead to explain her experience on her first day. She was happy to be there and simply helping, supporting, and doing stuff for them. Further, she highlighted how things started getting better for her with every passing day. She ended her video after revealing that she would teach the first-grade class next week.

LPBW: Amy And Matt Clashes Over Leadership In Season 25!

LPBW stars Matt and Amy are quite difficult to manage while around each other. The exes have already moved on with their significant others. Recently, ET shared a new video to reveal the ego clashes between Amy and Matt. In the clip, they were planning for the fundraising event at the Roloff Farms. However, Amy took charge and started and asked everyone for a date. Later, Matt said, “Amy, she can cross that line from micro-manager to dictator quicker than me” in a confessional.


He intervened in her work by asking about the tent. But Amy was in no mood to spend on a tent. She went on, “I’ve been there, done that, you can’t have too many leaders and too many bosses.” Caryn and Matt also laughed later at the entire situation and admitted that they were ready to be co-pilots.

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