‘LPBW’ Fans Change Feelings About Matt Roloff & Chris Bromance?

Chris Marek and Matt Roloff bonded when Little People, Big World aired scenes of Amy Roloff’s ex helping to prepare her wedding venue. In 2021, TLC fans loved their budding bromance so much, that they wanted a spinoff by the two men. However, viewers seem to have done a 180-degree turn on that. Critics chimed in after seeing a teaser for this week’s episode.

Chris Marek & Matt Roloff’s Bromance Became Amy Roloff’s Sticking Point

After the wedding, Little People, Big World fans noticed that almost every season Amy complained about Chris hanging out with Matt. While he enjoys hanging out with Amy’s new guy, the LPBW patriarch seems uncertain about hanging with his ex. Certainly, TLC fans know that it makes Amy feel uncomfortable. Additionally, it would seem awkward to cut the women out of their association all the time. ,

Chris Marek, Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff, Caryn Chandler - LPBW TLC
Chris Marek, Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff, Caryn Chandler – LPBW TLC

Chris Marek ended up working on the farm over pumpkin season. Furthermore, shocking spoilers suggest that Matt Rooff intends to leave the farm to Amy when he passes away. Possibly that made fans start to question the bromance between the two men. Does Chris have good and altruistic intentions with the bromance? Perhaps that question brings out the knives with fans.

Little People, Big World Teaser Changes Opinions On The Bromance

When the teaser arrived on platform X this week, Amy and her husband discussed her seeming to be a bit more comfortable with the bromance. Well, in typical Amy fashion, she wasn’t overwhelmed with joy, saying that she “swallowed it.” Joking, Chris changed to seem as if his wife had “choked it down.” Reactions in the comments seemed mostly against Chris.

LPBW Matt Roloff and Chris Marek - TLC
LPBW Matt Roloff and Chris Marek – TLC

Little People, Big World fans turned on Chris Marek:

  • @haley_holly: I think that it is great that Matt and Chris get along with each other but I have to admit that it is a little strange to me that they hang out together and Chris is so interested in Matt’s projects and the farm.
  • @dezireme2: I do not like the fact that Chris is friends with Matt. Don’t trust that at all.
  • @PeachesMalone4: I feel Chris is into the type of machines Matt uses. It is like a child with their first remote car. Matt is into some huge Machines. Your friends should stay out of their business…


What are your thoughts on TLC fans deciding that they hate the idea of Matt Roloff and Chis Marek being in a bromance? Do you think it’s a bad thing for Amy Roloff to have a husband to hang out with her ex? What about the insinuation that Chris just wants a pie of Matt’s pie on the farm? Let us know in the comments below, and come back here for all your Little People, Big World news.

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