‘LPBW’ Caryn Chandler Shows Off Bigger Diamond, Amy Jealous?

Little People Big World Season 25 spoilers reveal some tension in the room as Amy Roloff, Matt Roloff, Caryn Chandler, and Chris Marek all get together. Is Amy jealous of Caryn Chandler?

Little People Big World: One Big, Happy Family In TLC Scenes

Typically, once you divorce someone, it’s not common to be in their lives so much, especially once they move on with someone new. In Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff’s case, they spend time together with their current partners in tow. It’s at the point where Matt Roloff and Chris Marek have a bromance, and they spend time together with guys’ nights.

Little People Big World scenes show Amy, Matt, Chris, and Caryn all spending time together, as they are planning a joint fundraiser. Everyone may have moved on with different people, however, things like tension between Matt and Amy is still palpable, and you can absolutely cut it with a knife.

Little People Big World: Amy Roloff - Matt Roloff
Little People Big World: Amy Roloff – Matt Roloff

Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler Recently Detailed Engagement

One of the big storylines playing out in current Little People Big World Season 25 scenes is Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler getting engaged. A teary-eyed Matt and Caryn recently recounted Matt’s proposal while in their home in Arizona.

It was a proposal in the backyard with the sun setting. Matt asked Caryn to be his wife, and, naturally, she agreed. Little People Big World fans keeping up with social media updates already know that these two got engaged. However, TLC scenes are finally catching up to that in current episodes.

LPBW Caryn Chandler and Matt Roloff - InstagramTLC

Little People Big World: Caryn Chandler Shows Off Engagement Ring, Amy Jealous?

Little People Big World spoilers show Amy, Matt, Caryn, and Chris all getting together after Matt officially popped the question and Caryn said yes.

Before Matt and Caryn arrive, Amy says that Chris wanted to “prepare” her before seeing the ring on Caryn’s finger. Matt got Caryn a bigger diamond than the one Chris gave Amy, so there’s a lot of potential for things to be awkward when they all get together.

Little People Big World fans have noticed that Amy and Matt still try to one-up each other often, and there seems to be an existing sense of competition that has become the elephant in the room.

Little People Big World: Matt Roloff - Caryn Chandler - Amy Roloff - Chris Marek
Little People Big World: Matt Roloff – Caryn Chandler – Amy Roloff – Chris Marek/Instagram

Based on Little People Big World spoilers, Amy Roloff cuts right to the chase, surprising everyone. Matt and Caryn are barely in the door before Amy demands to see Caryn’s engagement ring. One thing about Amy Roloff is that she is a straight shooter.


She wastes no time wanting to see Caryn’s ring, and even though she denies it in scenes, there’s probably just a bit of jealousy over the fact that Caryn has a bigger rock than she does.

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