LPBW: Audrey Roloff Left Her High-Paying Job Due To Her Home Renovation?

Little People Big World stars Audrey and Jeremy have plenty of things to focus on in their lives in 2024. The couple is about to welcome their fourth baby in the coming months. The couple has resumed their podcast, These Are The Days. Moreover, the LPBW stars have been busy renovating their Oregon home. Surprisingly, the construction has already increased by $1 Million.

Well, Audrey has been raising three kids already while working at Young Living, an MLM brand. She has been promoting various oils and other company products on her Instagram page. The TLC star has been promoting the company and sharing the benefits of working at the company through her posts. But it turns out that the reality TV celeb is out of the high-paying business.

LPBW: Signs Audrey Roloff Is Out Of Her High-Paying Job!

LPBW star Audrey Roloff has been quite popular for working in the exotic oils business. She claims to be making a lot of money from Young Living and even becoming the Diamond tier representative. The Little People Big World stars have been promoting essential oils and other skincare products for a long time.

Audrey and Jeremy have enjoyed Caribbean vacations and a lavish lifestyle due to the company. But the viewers have spotted a few signs in the past of the former quitting the brand. Nowadays, the TLC star has been busy with renovations at her home. She has been sharing multiple glimpses of the pricey construction at her Oregon property.

However, It has been a while since Audrey stopped posting updates about the MLM products. Several fans took to Reddit to discuss whether she has quit her high-paying job. They started pointing out the various signs that confirmed the news. One fan wrote, “Something definitely happened.” The LPBW fan continued to explain that Audrey used to make more than $350/K from her business.

Hence, no one can suddenly stop promoting the products after earning huge amounts from them. Meanwhile, the others felt that leaving the essential oils business would financially hit the couple. Moreover, the others pointed out that she has removed the link to YL from her Instagram bio.

LPBW: Audrey Roloffa Admits Being Tired After Months Of Renovation!

LPBW stars Audrey and Jeremy have been busy remodeling their home. They have been waiting to welcome their fourth child in the upcoming months. Recently, the reality TV celeb shared a series of pictures of her home. She gave her fans a glimpse of the new woodwork, paints, and countertops. She revealed that it had been 7 months into renovating their home. However, they are so grateful and fortunate for doing all the work.

Audrey continued to express how they juggle between the kids, work, homeschooling, and being displaced from their home. Further, she admitted to being tired while juggling between all the work and pregnancy. The reality TV celeb was hopeful of welcoming their 4th baby soon after finishing all the work at home.

However, she was grateful to the followers for their prayers and encouragement.

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