LPBW: Amy Roloff Feels ‘Funny’ About Ex Matt’s Engagement, Vows to Avoid Getting ‘Personal’ with His Fiancée Caryn

Amy Roloff has mixed feelings about her ex’s new relationship milestone.

On Tuesday’s episode of Little People, Big World, Amy invited her ex-husband, Matt Roloff, and his new fiancée, Caryn Chandler, over for dinner for the first time since learning of their engagement.

As Matt, Caryn, Amy and her husband Chris Marek found their seats around the dinner table, Matt, 62, told cameras that Amy “sounded great on the phone” when he broke the news of their engagement but admitted he was skeptical about her in-person reaction.

Amy, 61, cut straight to the chase and asked Caryn to see her diamond ring. While putting on her reading glasses and reaching for Caryn’s outstretched hand, Amy examined the new piece of jewelry and told her, “That’s very pretty! Wow!”

Little People, Big World's Matt and Caryn Share Details from His Surprise Proposal
Caryn shows Amy her engagement ring.TLC

In a confessional, Caryn admitted, “When Amy asked to see the ring, I would say I was a little apprehensive, you know, who wants to do that? And you know, the moment was just fine and I think she’s okay that we’re engaged, probably expected it at some point … she’s been really nice about it.”

After joking that Matt’s “second half of life is better,” Amy confessed to having complicated feelings about her ex’s engagement but also expressed her happiness for the couple.

“It does feel a little funny to me,” she told cameras. “Matt’s my ex, but you know, I’ll be okay as long as we don’t get, you know, nitty gritty and personal. Like, I would never talk to Caryn about Matt. I’m glad that she’s not, ‘Oh yeah, we’re doing this together Amy, you know, did you guys do that?'”

Matt and Amy Roloff
Matt and Amy Roloff. THOS ROBINSON/GETTY

After announcing their separation in March 2014, Matt and Amy filed for divorce a year later in June. Their divorce was eventually finalized in May 2016.

“After 27 years of marriage, it is with great sadness that we have come to the difficult decision to file for divorce,” the couple said in a statement to PEOPLE at the time. “We are proud of what we have accomplished together, including raising four wonderful children who have grown to become remarkable adults and building our strong and ongoing successful businesses.”

“Our kids and our ever growing family, and the love and support we have for them, will be our priority,” they continued. “We will continue to work together side by side in the daily responsibilities for our many current ventures. We would like to thank our family, friends and all our fans for their continued support and understanding during this difficult time.”

Matt and Caryn's engagement from TLC's Little People Big World Where was the image taken - At home When was the image taken - Today Who took the photograph - Matt Roloff Full credit line – Matt Roloff/ TLC
Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler get engaged. MATT ROLOFF/TLC

In a previous episode of Little People Big World, Matt and Caryn shared details of his touching proposal, which took place in their Arizona home.

“You said to me, ‘I’ve thought about this a lot for a long time and I want to grow old with you,” Caryn shared. “That’s what he said and then I started to cry.”

She also admitted then she had “no idea” that the proposal was on the horizon, adding, “Come to find out, he’s got, you know, my parents on the hook and my friends on the hook.”

“It was a tight circle that knew about it,” Matt clarified to which Caryn said, “It was my closest people but nobody gave me any hints at all.”

Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

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