Little People, Big World: Jeremy & Audrey Keep Kids Away from Movies

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff from Little People, Big World keep their kids away from movies. However, they recently broke that rule and took their kids to the movie theatre.

Little People, Big World: Jeremy & Audrey Roloff Growing Family

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff are parents to three children. They have one daughter named Ember. They also have two sons named Bode and Radley. The TLC couple are also expecting their fourth child this year. They will be welcoming another baby girl in the upcoming months.

The Little People, Big World reality stars have always wanted to have a big family. They both come from larger families themselves. So, they always knew they would at least have one more child. However, they haven’t said if the fourth will be the last.

Little People Big World: Audrey Roloff - Jeremy Roloff
Little People, Big World | Instagram

Jeremy and Audrey have been thinking about what to name their new addition. They admit to having a few names in mind. However, they don’t plan on sharing them. They also don’t plan to pick one until the baby is born. They feel they need to see the baby first before picking the name.

Audrey & Jeremy Roloff Take Kids to the Movie Theatre

Jeremy and Audrey want their children to have a similar upbringing to the one they had. They spent a lot of time outdoors and surrounded by nature. They don’t want their children to spend a lot of time watching television or looking at a computer screen. So, they limit the amount of time their little ones spend in front of a screen.

Former cast members of the Little People, Big World don’t let their children watch many movies. However, they recently broke that rule and took their kids to the movie theatre. It was their first time sitting in a movie theatre.

According to Audrey, the movie they watched was called Migration. She thought it was “so cute.” She admits to being picky with the movies she lets her kids watch. But it was one the whole family enjoyed. She felt that the storyline was not “too fast-paced.” However, it also kept all three of her children’s attention.

Little People Big World: Audrey Roloff
Audrey Roloff | Instagram

Jeremy’s wife is a fan of animal movies. She loved how the “mom and dad bird had a great healthy example of marriage.”

Little People, Big World Celeb Picky with Movies

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff taking their kids to the movie theatre for the first time made fans curious. Many people want to know what they look for when picking a movie they will allow their kids to watch. Some people even want to know what movies do they let their kids see.

Audrey reveals that she and Jeremy have a list of movies she lets their kids watch. The Little People, Big World also uses a tool where she can put the title of a film, and it will tell her if there is any “iffy” content in it.

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