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Leon’s Partner, Audrey, Draws Pic In Memory Of Garrison Brown

Garrison Brown may be gone, but he certainly is not forgotten. In the wake of his passing, many family members, friends, and fans alike have stepped up to share their favorite memories of the reality TV star.

Garrison’s half-sibling Leon recently shared their own touching tribute to him. Now, Leon’s partner Audrey is adding their own voice. Audrey shared a beautiful, meaningful drawing of Garrison online that’s gaining quite a bit of attention.

Keep reading and see what Audrey had to say about Garrison’s memory.

Audrey Kriss Honors Garrison Brown With A Lovely Drawing

Although Garrison Brown didn’t quite agree with several of his siblings politically, they all had positive things to say about him. Audrey Kriss and Leon Brown largely keep their distance from Sister Wives and a few family members. But it seems that the couple truly loved Garrison.

Garrison Brown with Mrs. Buttons, sourced from Instagram
Garrison Brown/Instagram

“I’ll never forget you being the warmest & biggest first hug whenever I came into the room,” Audrey began their Instagram post. “Your presence on this earth is so incredibly missed. I don’t know if I’ll ever find the words to say how truly special of a human you were and are to anyone who knew and got to love you. I’m grateful to have known and been family with you. I’ll remember you with every white monster, click of my camera, starry night sky, and in every Toyota Tacoma. Love you so much Garrison. Until we meet again, I’ll be looking to the stars 🤍✨🌌”

The drawing featured Garrison beaming from ear to ear, dressed in his National Guard uniform.

Audrey’s Instagram followers had nothing but kind, compassionate things to say about the tribute. Comments included:

  • “Beautiful tribute. 🌌🤍”
  • “Sending you both all the love and hugs ❤”
  • “This is beautiful.”

The Sister Wives Family Buried Their Son In A Private Funeral

Many Sister Wives fans hoped Garrison Brown’s funeral wouldn’t be a large, public spectacle. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem like that happened. PEOPLE recently revealed the family buried him four days after his passing in a private ceremony. Mykelti Brown Padron shared that the entire family put aside their differences and came together to honor Garrison.

Now, everyone is waiting patiently to see what will happen with the future of Sister Wives. Many viewers and even some of Garrison’s friends believe it should be canceled in light of the tragedy.

What do you think about Audrey Kriss’ drawing of Garrison? Do you believe that Sister Wives needs to come to an end? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.

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