Young and Restless

Jordan Summons Ian Ward To Do Her Dirty Work On The Young and the Restless

Jordan is a dangerous and evil woman who is out to kill all the Newmans on The Young and the Restless. Her main target is the beautiful Nikki and she is bound and determined to put that woman six feet under. She can’t do it alone, though, but she’s having trouble keeping people in her corner. Until now…

A Devilish Pair

Jordan (Colleen Zenk) lost Claire’s (Hayley Erin) trust when her lies came to light. So, she moved on to Seth (Brian Gaskill). However, it’s apparent he’s not a friend, anymore. Her lies busted that up too. She needs an ally who doesn’t care about the “how” or “why.” There’s only one man who wouldn’t question her motives and would jump right onto the Newman hate train – Ian Ward!

This would be a match made in hell and the chaos and drama would be unmatched. Ian (Ray Wise) is the baddest of the bad and he has no qualms about channeling his evil energy to destroy the rich and famous Newman family. In fact, he’s tried it multiple times. We’re sure he’ll leap at the chance to be by Jordan’s side and lend a hand.

A Match Made In Hell

We can just see it now; Jordan goes online to keep tabs on Claire (Hayley Erin) and accidentally comes across an article featuring the ultimate baddie Ian Ward. Oh, what’s this? Jordan opens it up and becomes quite intrigued by the villain. Within minutes, she tracks him down, reaches out, and a friendship begins.

In mere days, Ian will find his way to Genoa City and meet up with Jordan. They’ll scheme, they’ll plan, and they’ll create the plot of all plots to destroy the Newmans and make them feel the burn! With Ian by her side, there will be no stopping Jordan!

The utter destruction and chaos will be fast and furious. It will take every resource Victor (Eric Braeden) and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) to even try and keep everyone safe. This is war! And, oh, what a war it is going to be!

Can you see this wild theory becoming reality? Share your own predictions in the comments!

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