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Jason is Working Undercover Because Jagger is Too

General Hospital spoilers hint Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) has been working as a mercenary for a private military contractor.

While it’s not clear who that person is, his recent flashback of meeting in an interrogation room at Quantico with Federal Agent John ‘Jagger’ Cates (Adam Harrington) sent waves through the fan base.

Is Jagger the bad guy who has finally come to pay Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) back for taking Michael ‘Stone’ Cates (Michael Sutton) and Karen Wexler (Marie Wilson) away from him — or something much more complex happening here?

It’s unlikely that Jagger is somehow serving to protect Sonny, but is he really that much of a threat that Jason couldn’t share his identity with Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell)? Jason still knows more than we know.

General Hospital Spoilers — A Long Time Coming

Jagger may have spent the last almost thirty years rising in the ranks of the FBI just waiting for this moment.

Losing the love of his life and his little brother was just too much to bear, and no matter how their deaths ultimately occurred — he blames Sonny for roping both Stone and Karen into his dark underworld.

Out for revenge, he may have found a way to position Sonny’s best friend against him, knowing there would be nothing more painful for him than to learn the person who was most like a brother to him had been pulled into a similar underworld working against him. An eye for an eye, right?

GH Spoilers  – Suggest Jason Morgan Can’t Just Rat Him Out

Michael wanted to know who had captured Jason in Greece and forced him to comply with the task ahead. It’s likely that said task is killing Sonny.

The attacks on the other mobsters may have been peripheral forms of revenge against people who once ran in the same circles as Sonny — like Olivia Jerome (Tonja Walker).

It’s also possible that Jagger wanted Jason to take out other mobsters to make it look like Sonny wasn’t the only target. Besides, why not knock out a few more career criminal empires along the way?

That’s less work for the FBI. Jason couldn’t tell Michael it was Jagger, or he would have risked being exposed — knowing Michael would want to warn his parents right away and that Sonny would likely have retaliated. Jason can’t have Sonny going away for killing a federal agent.

General Hospital Spoilers — Why Doesn’t He Take Him Out?

Of course, the other option here is that Jason is the perfect shot Sonny said he was. So why hasn’t he taken the opportunity to kill Cates himself? It’s probably for the same reason.

He doesn’t want to go away for life for killing an FBI agent. So Jaon has to position things just right so that he can find a way to expose Jagger while keeping everyone around them safe.

Obviously, the guy is strategic and no fool. He’s already aware Jacon botched the hit on Sonny, killed his fellow gunman, and tried to save Dante Falconeri’s (Dominic Zamprogna) life.

So, his loyalty to Sonny is still clear. Will he be able to dodge Jagger while still exposing what he’s doing? Stay tuned for more GH news and spoilers to find out.

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