It’s Official: John Dutton Will Be Back in Yellowstone Finale

Taylor Sheridan is hellbent on finishing his iconic TV show in a spectacular fashion — and with John Dutton. So rejoice, people: John Dutton shall return!


  • John Dutton has always been the central figure in Yellowstone, and the show can’t simply ignore him.
  • With Kevin Costner seemingly out of the picture, the finale will feature the young version of Papa John.
  • Josh Lucas, the young John Dutton actor, will return in Yellowstone finale, and he hinted at an extended final season.

Ever since the internal drama on Yellowstone began, fans of Taylor Sheridan ’s iconic show have been on the edge of their seats. The showrunner and lead star’s feud jeopardized Yellowstone’s future, and it wasn’t long until Season 5 was declared the finale.

Today, after there were rumors of Kevin Costner wishing to return to the fray, things are still unclear — but now, we received a promising John Dutton update!

John Dutton Will Return in Yellowstone Finale

As we’ve been always saying, there can’t be Yellowstone without Papa John. The Dutton patriarch has always been the backbone of Sheridan’s iconic series, and finishing it without him would be a travesty. Despite the notorious conflict between the showrunner and lead star Kevin Costner, Sheridan seemingly found a way to bring John Dutton into the finale without stepping down from his hill.

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Josh Lucas, the actor who portrayed young John Dutton in the show, will return in the finale to reprise his role. Not only that, but he also hinted at an extended finale, announcing its approximate number of episodes — and this, too, is great news.

“I did text Taylor a couple of months back and said, ‘Hey man, I’ve loved working on the show so much.’ [And he was] like, ‘Well, we’ll be back!’ I think we’re going to do 10 or more so episodes,” Lucas told Deadline.

John Dutton’s Fate Might Be Finally Sealed Now

Earlier, we shared reports that despite everything, Kevin Costner wanted to return to Yellowstone for the finale, but that story hasn’t received any updates for a while now. With Josh Lucas’ update on Season 5 Part 2, we might have a better idea about Taylor Sheridan’s new plan for his lead character.

It’s Official: John Dutton Will Be Back in Yellowstone Finale - image 2

Seeing how Lucas portrays the young version of Papa John, it’s fair to assume that Costner’s version of the Dutton patriarch will be out of the picture. From the update, we’re getting the strong “He’s dead but we’ll remember him for his deeds” vibes, so perhaps, after John’s seemingly inevitable death, Yellowstone will explore his past for a while — something that warrants more episodes, just like Josh Lucas said.

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