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House of the Dragon Season 2 Confirms a Huge Fan-Favorite Return

Winter is coming to House of the Dragon’s universe.


  • New House of the Dragon ’s trailers prove there’s another famous Game of Thrones ’s House that will appear in the upcoming second season.
  • One scene of the trailer demonstrates Cregan Stark negotiating his alliance with the Blacks.
  • As the character himself will be very important for the next events’ turn, the fans are very excited about his arrival to the House of the Dragon’s universe.

Not everything must be about the Targaryens — and the new trailers for the upcoming second season of House of the Dragon show it quite clearly.

In two separate videos that put the members of basically one family against each other in their cruel fight for reigning there’s one more interesting character who enters the scene.

The other dominant houses across Westeros have so far never shown up in House of the Dragon as the whole drama unfolds in the Southern part of the fictional land. Now it seems like they will be joining the game — and it all will start with the famous House Stark located up north.

Though the viewers obviously shouldn’t expect famous Game of Thrones characters to appear here — so far only Cregan Stark (aka The Wolf of The North).

In one of the trailers Cregan Stark is shown walking around Winterfell with Jacaerys Velaryon, Rhaenyra Targaryen’s first son who came to the northern land to convince its lord to join the Blacks’s side in the upcoming battle.

The books highlight though that till that moment no one in Winterfell was really down for participating in the political beef of King’s Landing — but then Cregan realized it could work really well for the Starks. Thus he agrees to offer their alliance in exchange for Jace’s first-born daughter marrying Cregan’s son and heir, Rickon.

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Devoted fans can’t help but be very excited about the Winterfell’s then leader joining in as, according to the books, he’ll have some direct influence on the upcoming events. The second season will also show Rhaenyra try to settle scores with the Greens after her son’s tragic death at the hands (or rather, fangs) of Vhagar.

Seems like the winter is indeed coming accompanied by someone’s inevitable death. The series will make it clear on June 16.

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