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House of the Dragon Season 2: Black Trailer Finally Solves Season 1’s Most Irritating Problem

Those wigs were worse than anything.


  • The first season of House of the Dragon had a huge problem with some characters’ looks
  • Fans were particularly upset with Jacaerys’ hair, as well as Baela’s and Rhaena’s
  • However, the Black trailer for season 2 seems to deliver improved looks, with all fans agreeing that the characters look so much better

Royal conflicts and in-house wars for the throne are awful, but if you’re in the House of the Dragon fandom, that’s kind of what you signed up for from the start. What you clearly didn’t sign up for, however, were those god-awful wigs from the first season, which had the HotD subreddit complaining even two years after the first season’s premiere.

Otherwise perfect season 1 clearly had a huge problem when it came to make-up and costumes of particular characters. Some, like Rhaenyra and Daemon, were lucky to have picture-perfect looks; others, like Jacaerys or Rhaena… not so much.

Well, good news: House of the Dragon season 2 came to release two rivaling trailers and fix that wig problem, and as you can see, these trailers are right here for you to enjoy.

Jacaerys Velaryon Boasts a New Look in Season 2 Trailer

Don’t get us wrong, we loved Jace in season 1, but also, what in the early Liam Payne hairstyle was going on with him? Luckily, season 2 is clearly kinder to Rhaenyra’s older son: in the Black trailer, he is sporting a new look while being on the actual Wall (what? yes!).

And if that didn’t give you the Jon Snow vibes it should have, then check out his hairstyle at 0:45. Who needs a spinoff with Kit Harington when you have a June 16 premiere scheduled?

But Jace is not the only one whose look has dramatically improved since season 1. As fans happily note, Rhaenys finally looks good, and the first stills of Baela and Rhaena are also a huge leap forward for the girls compared with season 1.

Some fans joked that House of the Dragon make-up department may have seen the angry comments all over Reddit, and honestly? If that’s the case, kudos to them for actually listening to the fandom!

House of the Dragon Season 2 Does Everything Great So Far

From the very idea of two separate trailers for the Blacks and the Greens to the many improvements fans have already noticed in the promo, the second season seems to be a lesson in how to continue the legacy of a cult series — even when Game of Thrones itself butchered it with that lackluster season 8 finale.

The Green trailer has proven that the focus is exactly on the characters it should be on, and the little tweaks like improved wigs and audacious marketing have already brought the fandom massive joy — and season 2 hasn’t even premiered yet!

With the premiere scheduled for June 16, the House of the Dragon fandom is already buzzing with theories, predictions, and expectations. Judging by how things are going so far, it’s safe to say these expectations can and will be met.

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