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Hope Gives Thomas an Answer to His Proposal — and Poppy Turns to Finn to Give Luna What She Wants

In the Forrester showroom, Thomas gets on bended knee holding the ring and says, “Marry me, Hope. I have loved you for as long as I can remember. I promise to you that I will be a wonderful husband and father. A great father. Say you’ll marry me, Hope. Say you’ll be my wife.” He gushes, “I love you so much.” Thomas says the ring has been around her neck long enough and deserves to be on her hand. He wants the world to see them walking into the future together hand-in-hand. All she has to do is say she’ll marry him. Hope takes the ring from his outstretched hand.
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In the main office, Steffy concludes a work call as Liam comes in. She asks what brings him there. Liam admits he was going to come up with an excuse, but the truth is he knows she has a lot going on and he’s a bit concerned. What happened with Sheila is one thing, but it’s especially Finn’s reaction to her death. Steffy insists there’s no reason to worry in the long run. She’s not worried about her and Finn. “I’m worried about Thomas.” Liam asks why. Steffy says Hope is wearing Thomas’s ring around her neck, but she doesn’t truly love him. She’s just leading him on.

Steffy wants Thomas to be happy, but Hope is stringing him along. Liam says he wants Hope not to be with Thomas at all, “So, there’s that.” He shrugs, “Maybe if I’d handled things differently.” Steffy reminds him that Hope is the one who kissed Thomas in Rome. She’s not an innocent. Steffy rants that Hope is leading her brother on and making him believe there’s a chance she’ll marry him. She tells Liam that Hope has been out of control since she split up with him. Now she’s laser-focused on Thomas, who actually believes they have a future together. “I don’t believe that. I think he’s in for a world of hurt.” Liam thinks they can both agree that Hope and Thomas is a toxic combination.
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At the cliff house, Finn tells Poppy he’s sorry that Luna is so upset. Poppy tells him that with the matter at hand, Luna doesn’t want to talk to her. “She wants to talk to her dad.” Finn asks, “And that has something to do with me?” He wants to help, but is not seeing what he can do exactly. Poppy tells him he can give Luna what she’s looking for; what she wants more than anything. “Talk to her, Finn.”
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Finn asks, “You want me to talk to Luna?” Poppy says yes. Finn is happy to do that, but… He doesn’t mean to pry, “But do you know who Luna’s father is?” Poppy muses, “If I told you that Luna was conceived in love, would that answer your question?” Finn can’t understand why she won’t just say who he is. Poppy says it’s always just been her and Luna. She needs a strong male influence in her life and looks up to Finn. “Please, will you do it?” Finn vows to be there for Luna when she needs him. Or even when she doesn’t. He recalls all the time he and Poppy spent together when he was younger and how close they became. Poppy smiles and says, “Look at us now.” She misses the days when Luna would follow her lead. Finn says that as Luna’s cousin, he thinks it’s time she learns who her father is.
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At Poppy’s apartment, Bill assures Luna she can talk to him. He feels maybe he can offer her some help, or at least a little guidance. Luna sniffs that all of her life she’s been able to confide in Poppy, “But now…” She wishes she could talk to her father… but her mom won’t tell her who he is. Bill recaps that he asked Poppy if it could be him, but she said he wasn’t. Luna says it’s so unfair. She and her father deserve to know each other. Bill points out that Poppy may know something she doesn’t. “Your mom loves you more than anything. I’m sure she has your best interests at heart.” Luna feels embarrassed at crying on him, but Bill likes the idea that she can lean on him.

Bill recalls the night he met Poppy, and admits he’s pretty guarded about women at this point in his life… because of money. Luna says her mother doesn’t care about money. Bill nods. That’s one of the reasons he’s drawn to her. “Your mom is an incredible woman, and she has raised an equally remarkable daughter.” Bill tells Luna that he believes she’ll one day find her father, and he’ll be so proud to call her his daughter. Luna cries and tells him he’s kind and caring. Bill asks how to help her without stepping on Poppy’s toes. Luna doesn’t know. They joke about what it would be like if he were her father. She says she doesn’t care about money and he teases, “Well, there you have it. You’re not my daughter.” They chuckle.
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In the Forrester showroom, Thomas tells Hope this is a “make it or break it moment”. He once again asks her to say she’ll be his wife. Hope gasps, “I love you. Thomas, I really do. But I can’t accept your proposal. I’m not ready.” Thomas looks stunned and hurt. Hope says she’s sorry. The last thing she would ever want to do is hurt him, and she can tell she has. Thomas grunts, “You’re turning me down again.” Hope says it has nothing to do with him. She loves the time they spend together and his love for her means the world to her. She just got out of a marriage, however, and she is focused on herself, the kids, and her career. She reaches for Thomas and he pulls away. She cries, “Thomas, I love you! I love you. I just not ready for a forever commitment. I can’t be your wife.” Hope keeps apologizing as Thomas turns angry and runs out, slamming the door behind him. Hope sobs.
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In the main office, Thomas paces alone. Steffy comes in and his sister asks what’s wrong. He says he was so excited, he knew what he wanted, but it didn’t happen. She asks, “What didn’t happen?” Thomas clears his throat, “I’m such an idiot.” Steffy learns that he asked Hope to marry him again and she turned him down. She says Hope is bad news and he doesn’t deserve this. Thomas doesn’t know what he did wrong. She’s been wearing his ring and didn’t reject it. Steffy warns Hope will never give him what he wants. “It’s true and what she did just proves it.” She’ll never commit to him. “You need to let her go. You need to move forward and focus on the future without Hope.”
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope’s decision causes emotional fallout, and Steffy’s anger toward Hope hits an all-time high.

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