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Holly’s Finally Awake, What’s Next for Her and Tate on DAYS?

On New Year’s Eve, Holly Jonas OD’d on tainted opiates, and she’s been in a coma ever since. In the Wednesday, February 28 episode of Days of our Lives, Holly finally woke up. And now, this aspect of the Salem drug epidemic story can move forward. So, what does this development mean for Holly as well as Tate?

Holly’s Awakening

Ever since Nicole (Arianne Zucker) and a comatose Holly (Ashley Puzemis) returned from the Italian medical facility tasked with healing her, the teen has been resting comfortably at the DiMera mansion.

When she woke up, she showed signs of confusion and thirst. She asked her mom if the party was over so, clearly, she does not realize time has passed. Dr. Sarah Horton (Linsey Godfrey) checked on Holly and advised Nicole that she needed to let her daughter recover at her own pace. Later, she’ll head to the hospital for tests to see how healed she is. Until then, Nicole, EJ (Daniel Feuerriegel), and Sarah were over the moon with Holly’s progress.

Tate’s Frustrating Predicament

The most concerning thing right now is Holly’s memory issues. Sure, this is to be expected, but Tate (Jamie Martin Mann) is becoming increasingly agitated with his situation even though he’s about to move from the juvenile rehab facility outside of town to a halfway house within Salem city limits.

Tate’s mindset alternates between anger and frustration because he knows he’s innocent. But he’s out of patience with his parents and, consequently, almost hurt his chances for a little more freedom because he didn’t want to be moved closer to Brady (Eric Martsolf, who’s about to strike a pose with some of his castmates) and Theresa (Emily O’Brien). From his perspective, they’re not fighting hard enough for him. Unfortunately, he’s the one who initially put himself in a compromising position. And it’s going to take a miracle to save him.

What Needs to Happen

The first thing that has to happen is the right questions need to be asked of Holly. Tate is betting on his friend waking up and remembering everything perfectly. As a result, he’ll be cleared just like that, and all will be right with the world. There’s absolutely no way this scenario will play out as smoothly and swiftly as Tate and his family want.

And even if Holly (find out more about Puzemis here) does remember sooner rather than later, there’s the EJ factor. As Salem’s DA, he’s dead set on protecting Holly for Nicole’s sake. Even though Holly was the one to get a hold of the tainted drugs, she was the one who tried to influence Tate. As everyone knows, EJ has had it out for Tate since this whole thing started. Who’s to say that should Holly want to clear Tate’s name, EJ will let her implicate herself? It’s not going to happen. He’d rather see Brady’s son go down for the crime.

How long will it take Holly and Tate to see each other? Before this mess, the two were slowly developing their friendship into something more. They’re basically going to have to start from scratch, especially with problematic parents and step-parents potentially standing in their way. How long will it take Nicole’s daughter to remember what happened that fateful night? When she does, will she do whatever it takes to clear Tate or leave him hanging?

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