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Here’s Why Game of Thrones’ Director Wants Nothing To Do With HoTD

We cannot blame him for it.


  • Game of Thrones was an HBO fantasy drama series based on George R. R. Martin’s novel series A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • The show was praised for its quality throughout its run, but was panned for its final season and ending.
  • David Nutter, the director who worked on many episodes of season 8 of the show, admits that he wouldn’t return for the series’ prequel, House of the Dragon.

When news broke that a Games of Thrones prequel was in the works at HBO, fans of the franchise held their breath, hoping that the network would do it justice. Even though the original show received a lot of praise and still stands as one of HBO’s most iconic creations, there was a chance that the prequel would flop like GoT’s finale did.

Fortunately, the creative team behind House of The Dragon seems to have learned from all the mistakes of the past and brought a fresh perspective to the prequel.

With some changes made to the original source to create a deeper story, the cast and crew did their best to make the show the best it could be.

However, not everyone wanted to return to George R.R. Martin’s universe after the original show had reached its endpoint.

Is House of The Dragon Game of Thrones’ Copy?

David Nutter, the director behind such iconic Game of Thrones episodes as A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, is very honest and open about his working principles and aspirations.

While the director is clearly proud of the work he’s been able to do on the Game of Thrones set, he doesn’t seem to have any desire to return to the universe and continue creating within it.

Here’s what Nutter told The Hollywood Reporter about working on spinoffs in general and House of the Dragon in particular:

“It’s like when Warners president Peter Roth wanted me to direct Fringe and I was like, “This is a copy of X-Files.” It would be difficult to do something in that world unless the same people were involved,” he said.

Although many people would disagree with such a feature of a spinoff from a viewer’s point of view, it’s understandable from a creative’s point of view. When you’re involved in building a world and making sure it translates to TV screens in the best way possible, it’s hard to do it all over again with different people and keep the same feel.

While House of The Dragon takes place well before the events of Game of Thrones, and the only thing that really unites the two shows so far are references in vague prophecies and the Targaryen name of the main characters, the world originally created by George R.R. Martin remains the same.

If you are feeling nostalgic and want to re-watch the Game of Thrones series, you can go ahead and stream it from season 1 on Max. House of The Dragon will premiere season 2 in the summer of 2024, so keep an eye out for news and important updates.

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